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Autism and Down Syndrome any connection?

Hi, I am 35 and pregnant with my 4th child. My youngest has Autism. I know that already having a child with Autism my baby might also have Autism. I also know that being 35 there is a higher chance that my baby could have Down Syndrome. My question is how having a child with Autism effects the chance of my baby having Down Syndrome? Could it increase the chance more than it already is with me being 35, or does the chance remain the same as any 35 year old?
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They are totally different from what I know. I did know a family who had a girl with down's syndrome and her older sister had some type of disability I wasnt sure what it was though. Her older sister was normal-sized and did not have actual down's syndrome, but she had learning problems & had facial characteristics of down's syndrome without actually having it. Not sure if she had autism or some other issue or if she just had an intellectual disability.
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No.  downs is chromosomal and autism is neurological.  Having an extra chromosome gives you downs, cause of autism is unknown. good luck
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