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Autism vs. ADHD?

I have a 27 month old little boy. He appears to be very hyperactive at times. He has no issues with socializing, he actually loves attention. He has been flapping his arms/hands for as long as I can remember. He now rocks and flaps his arms multiple times a day (I believe this is his form of stimming). At one point he was tip toe walking but that has decreased. His doctor stated it could have been from using a jumperoo for a long time. He is delayed in speech. He does know words but he doesn't use them to communicate and doesn't know how to make sentences. I have researched autism, but due to the fact that he is very social and likes to play with adults and children it just doesn't seem to fit right. His neurologist stated that although he does seem to have some things that scream autism, at time he seems to be a normal two year old. He has no issues with pointing or having eye contact. His motor skills appear to be fine but he has some issues paying attention and focusing. He does seem to learn things quickly. Does he seem to fall under the PDD-NOS autism spectrum or ADHD criteria or both?

He is currently getting speech therapy once a week. His neurologist doesn't want to diagnose him yet until September to see if he improves.
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you should wait if even his doctor's say wait were not sure i don't know what you think anyone here can tell you wait see if he improves they will be able to tell you more in a few months i know it seems like a long wait but you want a this is whats really going on not a lot of it sounds like this to me your doing all the right things for your son so you should wait and see what happens the next few months good luck
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Hi, These symptoms are inconclusive I feel for autism? There is all types and only a proffessional who has the qualifications to diagnose this disability will be able to tell you. I Think the Drs involved are right in waiting to diagnose him. Things like Autism are a label for life. I hope you get some answers that you can be happy with for the time being. My husband and i have an older child who is diagnosed as high functioning autism and we have always felt that a diagnosis did nothing for us but help with integration to school as we immediately qualified for an aide. Try not to worry. Hope this helps
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