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Blood test for Austism

This is more of a comment than a question.  I just want people to know that a blood test does exist to help in the diagnosis of autism.  It is brand new and being developed.  I don't know much about it other than what my doctor has told me in reference to my autistic seven-year-old son.  After many blood tests, his geneticist discovered he is missing part of his 2 chromosome which, in studies, has been linked to autism.  Any thoughts?????
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Hello there,
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i am very intersted 2 hear this, i believe my son is autistic but in ireland it is very hard 2 get a diagnosis, all im getting is global developmental delay, my cousin and niece are both autistic. but they were both in their teens b4 they were diagnosed!
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Thanks for the comment.  My son tested negative for Fragile X.  His behaviors have resulted in a firm diagnosis of Severe Autism by all of his eight specialists.  The genetic testing was to possibly find out why he has Autism and to provide data for research purposes.  His father and I have also given blood for these tests but have not been given our results.  I find the whole thing very interesting.  I do believe that Autism is a genetic disorder.  If blood tests could be refined for the purpose of diagnosis, it would be quite helpful.  I've read that some studies have linked this specific deletion with autism.  And since my son is autistic and has this deletion, and can't help but feel hopeful for the future of testing blood for possible diagnosis.
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yeah - something - chromosome - deletion ...I do not remember exactly what it was......
Another is Fragile X. I would not say that it is helpful to diagnose autism - there are plenty of Fragile X patients that do not fit autism criteria, it is that Fragile X and autism characteristics are often co-morbid....This chormosome deletion is linked to sleep apnea -like symptomsin older children with ASD's

Diagnosis of autism is done only based on behaviors, not genetics, genetics are tested to rule out (or in) underlying genetic abnormalities.
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