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Confused about my 14 yr. old daughter

I am new to this forum and came across it by hrs. of searching the net for info.  My daughter is 14 and has always been a little "off beat". When she was 15 months old I thought her reactions were always extreme. Her tantrums were very explosive and she began "belly laughing" at a month or two old. She was either laughing as a toddler or throwing a tantrum, nothing in between.  But she was otherwise very healthy and beautiful. She never interacted when playing with other kids she only parallel played. She interacted with people, but she just always seemed "different" from other toddlers. I can't put my finger on anything particular. Anyway, throughout her school years she became a little more social,  gaining a few close friendships. Her schooling, however, became more and more difficult for her and she was finally diagnosed with Dyslexia in the third or fourth grade. She developed anxiety as she got older and found it difficult to go to school because of it. She is now 14 and is anxious all the time. She is now home schooled and has been "cutting" (self-injury) to relieve the anxiety she feels. She was put on Paxil last week, which hasn't begun to work yet. Dr.'s have tried many, many different medicines, but there are no SSRI's that seem to work for her.  Is it possible she could have a form of Autism?  We just have no idea what is wrong.  She has had a diagnosis of everything from ADHD to Bipolar to a mood disorder to just plain depression. One therapist said she could have Asbergers, but she doesn't really fit that criteria. Is there another form of Autism she could have? I would really, really appreciate any and all suggestions or opinions.....
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maybe she has more than one thing going on?  So, she could be bipolar and autistic.  Or bipolar and have a mood disorder.  I have heard that girls may not be diagnosed as much as boys with autism because possibly it presents itself not as typically.  They also cited something about girls who were anorexic might be autistic.  It was a study done in the UK, you can read about it if you google girls and autism.  BBC did an article back in 2005, i think you can find it at this link:   http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/4630705.stm

Anyways, I would not know what to suggest not knowing her personally or more information on her.  Good luck on getting a proper diagnosis.  It sounds like they are at least treating the symptoms she is having.  Teenage years are such a hard time period anyways, with hormones changing.  

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