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Drooling with autism

Hello everyone, I am looking for advise for my son. He is 9 yrs old and is autistic. He has excessive drooling, we have tried ot, his diet. reminders to swallow, transderm patches, ect....... I am now looking into surgery to cauterize the glands and I was also informed there are botox shots that nay help, It does not bother me, but its starting to effect him, and his teachers are pushing me to have something done, becuuae i think it just annoys them, that they have to change his Bandanna he wears around his neck to catch the drool. He has to have them changed atleast 10 xs a day!!! I dont know what to do? Any suggestions???.
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Hi and welcome to the MS community, your Autism question has landed in the wrong community but we do have a some parents in our community that have ASD kids so we still might be able to help you a little...

Firstly, I think you need to do is to get him assessed by at least an ear, nose and throat specialist, solutions differ greatly depending on the causation, surgery,botox, therapy, skill set training etc will only benefit him if the underlying cause is being taken into account.

IF he has Oromotor dysfunction, that is a dysfunction of the muscles that control the mouth. lips and swallowing either through developmental delay or neurological dysfunction, he may benefit from seeing a speech therapist or medical speech pathologist, who will identify his specific issues and create an individualised therapy program for him, they will also be able to guide you on more invasive solutions if that is adviceable too..

Secondly, I think you may need to take a step back and consider IF his school is the right environment for him, imho there is something very wrong with special needs teachers who push and harrass parents about a specific disability issue that is inconvenient or annoying to them personally!

Please, only find a solution for your son's drooling issue because it's in the best interest of your son, don't make someone else's annoying issue become yours or your son's.....

Hope that helps...........JJ
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