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Foster sister has Autism, is deaf, and mentally handicapped. Needs help

Hi, i have a younger foster sister with Autism, she is also deaf, and is mentally handicapped, my mom has been told by doctors that she has the mentality of a 5 years old, she knows a few signs very basic ones (food, bathroom, mom, dad, eat, drink, more,etc). We have had her since she was a baby.  She is now thirteen years old and over the past 2 years i can only describe life at home as incredibly difficult and stressful!  She gets very angry when she doesn't  get her way,  she constantly wants to be taken on drives or wants my mom or dad to go places.  constantly hitting them, while whining/Crying. This can go on for hours, sometimes even when she gets her way, the bad behavior will still consist. It has gotten to the point ware she is being extremely violent, at worst she is, scratching, biting, and hitting, sometimes.  Not to mention she is an extremely large and strong girl,and the part that scares me the most.  throwing her head back at anything around walls, doors, couches, i am scared she is going to hurt herself.  She is on a variety of medication. My mother has been trying to find help and it seems like we just cannot get any.  Social workers basically say there is nothing they can do and they can put her in a Mental institution and that's about it.  Which i think is crazy in itself,  why put her in an institution, instead of finding some help and having her stay in a home with people who love her...? makes no sense to me.  My mom has called all types of different doctors and hospitals, and explained the situation, and none of them want or are able to help, won't even try.  They just say we do not deal with, deaf, or autistic or whatever the excuse or truth is.. i don't know. they recommend some one else or someplace else, that either gives the same excuses/reasons, or places that have already denied her.  We are at a dead end here and have no idea what to do.. my parents and family are extremely stressed and overwhelmed.  I question if anything or anyone can help her/us.  Not sure if it will take new medication or something else to help...?  
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