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I have found alternative treatments

I have to say that first and formost I am a mother of 2 great kids - Brian (9yrs) and Nicholas (6 yrs) and that at age 2 Brian was diagnosed with having PDD/NOS and from that point on I have been doing nothing but research here on the net and off. Well recently I have found that toxic chemicals in our home were causing some of Bri's issues, so I set out to eliminate these from our home. It was fairly easy and I am forever thankful for the company I have found.
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What toxic chemicals did you find? Just curious.
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Removing toxic chemicals from your house helps asthma.  I am curious what toxic chemicals your found as well.  I switched to organic cleaning supplies and laundry detergent and dish washer detergent several months back, probably around March.   Didn't notice any change in my daughter, but I noticed a bunch of health benefits in myself, including not having an asthma attack since doing so, including during the height of allergy season in spring.  I guess I have adverse reactions to ammonia products and pretty much any household cleaner with chemicals in it.  Toxic mold can also create problems.  My sister had recurring bronchitis and ear infections, as well did her 2 kids, several years ago when she rented a house that had a mold issue in their basement (they got out of it and immeddiately stopped having colds, infections, etc.).  Another thing that I have heard that can cause problems is high CO (carbon monoxide) levels.  Buying a simple CO detector that you can plug into an electrical outlet is important.  Oh, and then radon although doesn't cause immediate health issues has been known to cause increased incidences of cancer.  We had our radon tested in our house before we bought it and it was way high, so the sellers had to do a radon mitigation system that is installed under the house to help vent it and then it tested near to 0 in the  house (anything under 4ppm is considered by the government as safe, though aiming for under 2 is advisable).  

Glad that you found out something that can help your family.  Some people are more sensitive to the environment than others.  I am curious though what you found in your house.  
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I found at Walgreens they sell some cleaner called Holy Cow. It's supposed to be organic and free of alcohol, ammonia, vinegar and VOC (whatever that is?)

I am trying their glass cleaner and it works pretty well. I agree with mom888 about certain chemicals. I think in our family some of the fregrances aggravate some of us, either the smell, or causes headaches.  Personally I'm not a fan of bleach....  I use it sometimes to sterilize pots, but the smell is strong...ammonia also has a nasty smell... I can add vinegar to the list of noxious smelling stuff to drive me out of the house....

Which doesn't work well when my grandma is busy making her famous bread and butter pickles, that everyone but me seems to like.
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You can check out VOC on wikipedia at

There are synthetic VOCs as well, which are commonly used in paint and some cleaners.  Paint is a real biggie.  I have asthma and migraines, and paint can set off an attack of either.  There is a low or no VOC paint available now, in several brands.  There is still some smell, but the smell is much less, lingers a lot less, and doesn't usually set off asthma/migraines if you have the room ventilated.  I also read VOC is also in some dry cleaning solvents.  I have a huge problem with the smell of dry cleaned clothes or comforters.  My king size comforter wouldn't fit in the washer, so we had it dry cleaned, and man, that thing stunk and set off my asthma.  My husband didn't notice anything.  Some people, like myself, are a lot more sensitive to VOC smells or whatever they do to release whatever in the atmosphere... it's basically how chemicals evaporate and enter the atmosphere.  I think the natural ones are less problematic than the artificial ones.  

Artificial fragrances really bother me.  I remember stepping in to one Hallmark store, which evidently was a big subscriber to scented candles and scented everything.  I ran screaming out of that store, along with my dad.  He was sneezing his head off for an hour after, and I had an asthma attack.  Too much concentrated smells in one small place.  How do most people not have any reaction?  How do most people not want to vomit from the deluge of smell/scent?   Forget going in to perfume stores or go past a perfume counter... How can that be healthy for us?  
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Perfume.....gah...why would I want to spray stuff on me that smells like bug spray?
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