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Is my lil ninja autistic? Very worried.

Well my lil ninja is 22mts now and still lacking speech. He certainly doesn't points to anything and communication is limited, he will answer to his name(sometimes ignores your call) and will fallow simple directions such as let's go, fo up when we point to the stairs and if you call him in any variation to come to you he does. He spins around sometimes and seem to get upset if you take something from him but only for a very short while like a minute or less and do self soothe. Have eye contact but not all the time(I think he is just shy like his mommy) he doesn't have a routine or preferences for food that is any different from other tadpoles his age and he loves to play, smiles at us and smile if you smile at him. He also plays with other kids though not for long and I've not seen him go off to play by himself when others are playing just sometimes hesitating to play or play a little then go play with something else or someone else. Babble a little. Repeat words especially if associated with something else. My biggest problem is communication as I do try to teach him but its proving rather difficult especially since I'm seriously impatient and sometimes aggressive however I've reached out to get help and also trying some new ideas just waiting on the tools to drop so I can get started. So overall he doesn't have meltdowns just occasional tantrums and only at home from my understanding, eats a wide range with no rigid habits at all. Sleeps well. Loving and happy follow instructions, babbling, say or repeat words sometimes, very well mannered and doesn't give trouble. My main concern is his ability to communicate and understand as well as speech. So I ask would this be considered somewhere on the spectrum or am I just paranoid?
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Did you have your son evaluated? My son was evaluated and diagnosed through early intervention before he turned 2, if his speech is still delayed and you haven't I would look into it. Intervention and therapy at an early age is important.
That's really good advice!  Thanks for sharing.  My son has sensory integration disorder, does your son with autism also have that?  How old is your son now and how is he doing?
My oldest son who is also on the spectrum was dx with that as well, he does very well with it now. My youngest is 7 now, he's doing wonderful! When he aged out of EI at 3 they put him directly into preschool with our school district, he had a rough year and a half or so as far as head banging. But his speech really started coming out. He's now in 1st grade, and spending about half of his day in the gen ed. class.
That's great!  They really can do fantastic things with kids to help overcome the challenges these days as long as they are diagnosed and there is intervention.  So, GOOD for you to take that route for your son.  I hope he continues to flourish.  My son was 3 when he was diagnosed.  He's 15 now!  If you have any questions regarding emotional regulation and social skills as they get older, I'm always here!  It's been quite the journey for our family.  My son STILL works on these things.  But he's a good student, self motivated, on sports teams, plays in the school band and has a few good friends.  He struggles with anxiety a lot and trying to feel like one of the guys. But overall, it has been nice watching him work through many different things.  How old is your older son?
That's awesome! I can't wait to see how my little one is at that age...he so sweet and loving, I hope that doesn't change! My other son is 17, it's been a tough rode with him, but I think (hope), after a rough couple of years, he's finally on the right track.
Oh good!  I'm glad for your 17 year old to be getting 'on track'.  I find often, it has been one step forward, two steps back, three steps forward again.  The struggle is real, isn't it?  Is your 17 year old high functioning autism?  Any other diagnosis?  Just curious.  I find the work we have to do on social skills to be a little challenging.  Things change in terms of what kids need to do socially to acclimate and we try to keep up with it!  The teen years are very rough. And my son has anxiety on top of it all which complicates it further.  He is doing great but it isn't always easy.  
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