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Just found out my son has autism.

My son was recently diagnosed with autism he is 19 months old and I have a daughter 2 1/2, she has been acting out biting him, normally she is very loving towards him and always looks out for him (like she can tell he needs a guardian angel) but he has always been very jealous of her and sometimes down right mean trying to kick, hit, slap, push, whatever if he wants her away from him or whoever is paying him attention, but we have never really had a problem with her being mean to him. The biting is really becoming a problem as I have found 3 different marks on him that stay a couple of days. They are well supervised and when we catch her we spank her or put her in time out and have her apologize to him but somehow she's still sneeking and biting him hard enough to leave marks. I don't know what to do
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Hello.  You posted this a bit ago and I hope you come back!  Sorry this went unanswered.  Biting is common with kids with autism and sensory issues.  It's self soothing although gosh, it hurts too.  What about offering a substitute?  My son did not bite himself like that but he chewed on his sleeves, fingers and shirt collar.  Our occupational therapist suggested a chew item made for kids with autism or sensory.  I got it from a sensory products website, very inexpensive and it looks like a rubber P.  They make T's and O's too.  :>)  HIs is smooth rubber but they make textured ones that some kids like.  Then you can help him go to the chew item rather than himself.  

Biting others is also common when done in frustration.  Kids with neurological delays have issues with how to properly display anger.  Again, you have to TRAIN her.  Spanking really does not work in any way as you've found.  Instead, you work on what she CAN do when upset.  Pictures may help---  as kids with autism have communication issues and she may need more guidance than given.  

I understand not wanting one child to hurt another.  I have two kids and that is unacceptable.  But understanding that she is working with more issues going on inside than the typical child should give you empathy and the mindset to teach her appropriate behavior over time.  It's challenging but worth it in the end.  what kind of therapy do you do for her at this point?
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