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Mental Disability Question

I have this story to share followed up by a question plus I have a high iq. So it goes like this I was in summer camp a long time ago and I was in a zoo. I talked to the animals to get their attention this kid in my camp came up and said, "Animals don't talk Krishna." In reality I knew they didn't talk. Then in middle school when I was in sixth grade I saw a ukulele's and it's pegs and asked, "Are those to adjust the volume?" The same kid came up and said, "That's a tuning peg, "I knew you were stupid." Keep in mind I still have a high iq and this is the case of me not having any common knowledge. Another two instances, first was of that kid chuckling at me for not knowing how to spell a simple common word. The second instance was when I called the teacher man and he said "I knew I were stupid," again. Another one I have to add was when he told me that my grammar sucked. This could be not learning grammar properly also. Most importantly in seventh grade that kid told me that I think girls have a man's sexual organ. This was due to me asking what he termed a  retarded question, "Do girls have a male sexual organ?" The cause of that was my mind was distorted or disorganized, not because I was stupid. When the last year of middle school came which is in eight grade it had gotten worse for between me and him. He called me retard completely to psychologically scar me despite that I have a high iq. He used to do it in gym and lunch specifically. I was scared and emotionally down due to him. That kid hated me because of him thinking I was mentally retarded. Fast forward into high school, other students like him too thought I was very stupid. I still have a very high iq as I am saying again to emphasize, but I look dumb to others on the outside? I either think, do, say the wrong things when I should've had common sense, why is this? I even don't have the the most basic common knowledge also. What mental disability do I have according to my experience and observations above?
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Oh my gosh.  I want to shake that other kid!  What a jerk.  No one deserves to be treated that way.  Know that.  Being intelligent is a great asset and you sound smart to me.  Do you at times not know some things?  Yes, but everyone has those times. Picking on you for it is rude and uncalled for.   There is intellect and common sense.  Sometimes having a lapse or not filling in the gaps doesn't mean you are stupid or anything of the sort.  Do you have autism? I shared this article with my son. You can copy and paste it. Tell me what you think. https://medium.com/illumination/8-simple-ways-to-gain-more-common-sense-4a594c5ed298
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Thanks, but what disability do I have from the story above?
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