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Siblings of autistic children

I have 3 1/2 year old twin boys, one of them is autistic.  I am noticing that as they get older his twin brother is recognizing the differences between them as well as the differences between the way we handle them.  I am looking for advice or suggestions on how to explain why mom and dad may seem to give more attention to his brother and the differences on how they are treated.  
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You know, I don't think you'll really have to explain much,te brother most likely picks up that his brother is a little different.  I have two young children close in age that both have autism but my younger one is higher functioning than my daughter who is 20 months older.  They're about the same age developmentally.  

Just be honest with the neurotypical twin but break your language down into simple words and phrases that he can understand
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Thank you.  Yes, for the most part I am sure he understands the differences. I have been trying to explain in simple terms all about autism.  I really know he sees the differences I just feel bad sometimes worrying he may not feel he is getting the same attention or just different.
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