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I know I am not autistic, however I have always displayed stimming behavior in the form of rocking. For example waiting in the checkout line at the supermarket I will rock, and I don't realize it until my boyfriend whispers in my ear "you're rocking again". I don't believe that I necessarily have a disorder, however I am curious to know what disorders, other than autism, have stimming behavior?
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There may be a few You can try googling and see if more results come up, otherwise someone may be able to answer.

Just my curiosity, I wonder how have you ruled out autism?
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EVERYBODY STIMMS!  Anyone who twirls their hair around her finger, hums to himself, rubs her arm without being aware of it, twirls a pen in his hand, taps a pen on the table, rocks or any similar behavior is stimming.  In most people it is not a big deal.  It only becomes a problem when the stimming prohibits the person from performing other activities or inhibits learning.  
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Hotaru is right about everybody stimming in some way.  I think television is stimming!  You can also have sensory issues without autism.  I have sensory issues, as a child and still as an adult, though some of mine are avoiding certain stimulations instead of seeking them out.  I really wouldn't worry about it, personally.  You are who you are.  If it bothers your boyfriend, he'll let you know to stop.  If it bothers him to much to stick around, then you didn't need him in the first place.  If people love you enough, they'll accept who you are for who you are.  My husband likes to bang his knees together when he sits or bounce his leg up and down.  Drives me bonkers because it makes this slightest sound but that particular sound drives me crazy or will cause the slightest shake vibration of the table.  I can't stand it, but not because the activity itself bothers me but because of the sound or vibration it produces.  I don't love him any less.  I just tell him to stop when it bugs me and he's cool with that.  
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