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Would you let you son with Autism help you pull a fire alarm in a Fire?

With Autism being a wide range I was wondering if you were with your Son outside ant there was a fire while
not too  big but needed the fire alarm being pulled and he was with you and asked you if he could help you pull the  Fire alarm and break the glass how would you respond? if there was glass and there was no hammer to break it with would you help him kick the glass?

How would you go over the directions with your Son? Would you read them out loud? What tips would you give your Son so he knows he is doing it right. With regards to the lever lets say you have to pull it out towards you and down or it said Push in Pull down how would you help your Son with the two step process to ensure that he does it properly if he has good communication skills? Also a lot of people with Autism are sensitive to loud noises. How would you prepare your Son for the loud sound of the alarm? Would you say something before the handle is pulled all the way just before the alarm?

If your son asked to pull a second alarm would you be fine with that? On the second alarm would you have your Son do it himself or would you help him? If you helped him what would you do to help?  

As for bystanders would you tell them that your Son has Autism so that way they know how to react? Also if you have another Son with you as a Bystander would you let him help you figure out how the alarm works lets say the lever did not work the first time as you are not sure how the lever works as some are different than others would you pull the lever some and let go and let your son and you pull it again?   How would you tell your Son not to let go before the lever is pulled all the way and to make sure he has a good grip? Would you let your other Son watch you  if you were outside?

How would you deal with the anxiety or stress if for some reason after pulling the lever ?
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If there were a fire, as the adult, I'd take adult action of pulling the alarm and then teach your child with autism to be safe and exit. You could talk him through the steps as you do it calmly.  That's how I'd handle it.  Hope everything is okay with the fire.  Many autistic kids have issues with loud sounds and chaos.  That was probably hard on your child.
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