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Hi I was woundering if you could help me... Has my son got (Autism & Asperger's) he is 9yrs old, I am asking as this has been suggested a couple of time, I'm waiting on a doctors appointment but would like to find a few thing out before hand... My son can be very emotional, he will cry over anything, he can be controlling, aggressive he can be a bully, finds it hard to make friends, he tells storys wich are not very nice (not the sort of storys a little boy should tell), he can be quite and shy at time, he finds his school work hard an is really behind, he has been wiping phoo over the bathroom walls and wee on his clothes... He will also steal money from school, tell lies but he will do it all the time, I've tryed to talk to my son about this and he will stair at me with no expression as if doesn't understand what I'm saying to him, my son has been different since he was I baby.. I love my son to bits and would really like to help and understand him, I have done sticker charts the lot to help with his behavior but nothing seems to work? Please could you give me some advice on this..
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I see you are posting on a few forums ...may i ask what you think your child is suffering from as they all differ ?
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Hi, so far the doctors think that he has a learning disability but they said it could be something more as he said the behaviors are similar, so I've been posting on ones that have been suggested to try and fine out what it could be... The assessments can take so long and I wanted to do or try and do something for him now.... Xx
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