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felt like life was mirrored and flipped around.

When I was younger,...I would sometimes, once in a little while, feel like the room I'd be in, just out of nowhere, has switched around, backwards, like I have stepped through a mirror and everything is backwards, i mean the furniture placement and stuff. It would happen time to time, but has not happen in years!!! and still to this day, I'm wondering what the hell that is, or if there's a name for moments like that happening.

I guess sort of like how there is DeJa Vu, for when you're feeling confused about about a certain situation happening, and you get that familiar feeling, as if it has happen before, the exact same thing, the exact same place with the exact same people saying those exact same words in that exact same way.

It's just freaky and so is this mirror thing that has happen to me quite a few times, I remember it really well, it scared me! it really scared me like I didn't know what to do, what to say, or where to go. I felt lost in those moments. so weird! I know. I just want answers and wanna know if anyone else has felt this way ever. :/
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