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headbanging autism pdd

our 4 year old son had been diagnoised with mild autism and pdd nos.
he began banging his head off the mattress when he was around 6 months old.
this head banging only on the softness of his bed has become progrssively worse and at times can go on for 2-3 hours during the night.  he wont do this on a hard surface so thankfully there is no marks or damage as such.
we are wondering what we can do to reduce and stop this habit?  any help would be appreciated.
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I have a friend whose son also has autism and he used to bang his head periodically.  In the end they took him to a place called 'Snowdrop' in the UK where they said it was some sort of sensory problem and prescribed a programme of activities which had the effect of dramatically reducing the activity.
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My 7 year old son was diagnosed with Autism when he was 3. He was nonverbal and in diapers until he was 6 1/2 years old.
I have inspiring news...last month, his diagnosis was REMOVED !
After being on digestive enzymes, his emergence began slowly. After being on them for 6 months, HE got out of diapers! Over this past summer (2009), he started TALKING. He is amazing.
**Please read the book that inspired me - Enzymes for Autism and Other Neurological Conditions by Karen DeFelice**
I had an article about my son put in our local paper. We are just on top of the world! There is hope. Email me  ***@**** if you would like to talk.
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I would suggest occupational therapy to develop a sensory schedule for your child. Self injury in autistic children is frequently a sign that they are dysregulated because of the sensory input you and I can easily organize, but they can not.
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I've never heard of an autism diagnosis being removed. We've all been told that there is no cure. Are you sure that your son wasn't misdiagnosed?
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Yes,  people loose their diagnosis everyday because only 2% of autism is genetic.  Much of what we call autism is neurological & intestinal damage that can be treated & improved , or sometimes healed from by finding the right balance of nutrition & enzymes for your child.
There are now very many great books out their & DAN (defeat autism now) certified, nutrition based doctors.
I just ordered Karen Defelice's books about enzymes & there is another book called Children with starving brains  about autism recovery.
There is also a good video on YouTube by a mom who has become an advocate by helping her son, her name is Jennifer Walters & her video is called "Not born this way"
Thank you vbo for posting the good news!!!! I have just started making changes in one of my sons diet & supplements & I am seeing a big difference I plan on reading the enzyme book the second it arrives.
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Thank you so much vibo,  I have been hearing about this.
I just changed one of my son's diet  & added M B-12 & I am seeing very good progress, no more fog, good sleeping great eye contacting, coming & getting me daddy  & even grandma & pop- pop when they are over by the hand to play & dance...... But a little stimming still exists & he is babbling quite a bit but he is not forming the correct words yet
... I order this enzyme book by Defelice & now I am ready to read it & find the right enzymes for my son,,,, he is so close!
Thank you again for posting....it is so important as a mom to hear from other moms on what works for them!!!
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