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please answer

tw for unsanitary i guess?

so i'm a teen and i have an autism spectrum disorder, a lot of my issues have to do with sensory and social interactions. i was wondering what physical problems have to do with my disorder, because i have had the same problem since i was very young; i can not tell when i have to pee and i end up wetting myself in public, it is very embarrassing and i cry sometimes. i usually tie my jacket around my waist or end up wearing long shirts and coats because i am self conscious that it is going to happen. it's not that it has been happening more, it's that i'm getting older now and i do not want this to keep happening when i am an adult. i'm sorry for the gross question, please help if you know anything? thank you!
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and yes, that physical issues is definitely due to your diagnosis.

maybe you can set an alarm for every two hours and when the alarm sounds, go to the bathroom and "try". have you tried something like that?

i'm a mother and i've known kids your age who have been so engrossed in an activity they have pooped themselves.

media is so engrossing that to lose control of one's bowels can be a common thing.

my son is 16 and has a autism spectrum diagnosis and he will only wear soft pants and no underwear

notice i didn't call the autism spectrum a "disorder" because you kids are a new branch in human evolution. you may just be the future of humanity.

my son is the most amazing thinker and hilarious. he enjoys the company of a few chosen friends and loathes or hates most of humanity.

he is a gift and one of the most interesting and amazing people i know. i love spending time with him, though he doesn't necessarily love it.

it is commendable and brave of you to ask this question since it embarrasses you. i hope people will give you more answers.

love <3
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thank you! i will try that!
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