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speech delay

i have 8 yrs son with severe speech delay ,his behaviour has become normal over period of time .studies in a normal school; plays with his pals, does his home work ,properly toilet trained,well behaved.problem occurs when v dont understand his distorted speech.how can v handle it& make his speech better indeed his understanding also.
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Is your son receiving speech therapy? I think that is the most important thing for him to improve his language. If he is already getting speech therapy, maybe he needs it more often.
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Hey there, i have a 5year old son who has speech delay. He has not been diagnosed, although they think he has something which is in the spectrum of autism disorder. But does have a speech and language disorder. He ahs the understanding of a 2.5year old! Its very frustrating, he finds it very difficult to understand what im sayin. Its the same for me when i try to understand what he's trying to say. He's slowly getting better since he started school last september. He did recieve speech therapy for 6weeks, but personally i dont think this helped much. I sit with him sometimes and help him pronounce words. With the understanding issue, i would say, try and say 'key words'...this is what i do. Plently of things my son Steven has learned, and can respond, however, many things he's not understanding. Use simple, one maybe two words at a time. This will help him understand better.
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I think some picture cues help as well.  I try to bring this up as somethings people don't think of this in regards to speech---------  but the nervous system can be greatly involved in speech.  Our sensory system and motor planning are what we need to organize what we hear and process it and then to organize how we want to respond and then send the message to the oral motor (mouth muscles) to articulate and make the sounds.  If something is off in the processing, it will impede speech to varying degrees.  My son has sensory integration disorder and the two things that were noticed first were his speech and tripping.  He was three.  He was evaluated by an occupational therapist and has been doing OT since being diagnosed with sensory.  He is now 6 and doing really well.  Just thought I'd throw sensory into the mix for you to check out and see what you think.  goodluck
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my name is Danish and i m 16yrs old.I have a speech impediment and i am working
with a therapist to get better. I m really different from other shutters because i get BLOCK during my speech that creates non fluency and lot of people don't realize that i have impediment because i don't make weird faces meaning you can't tell form looking at my face. Is there a way for me to show others that i have a impediment?
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