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what is autism/ADHD

HISTORY-  i have a 3 yr old son.During this pregnancy,i had p/v bleed history thrice and emesis gravidarum throughout pregnancy so much so that in final trimester i even lost weight.Finally,he was delivered by c- section 3 weeks early ,on suspicion of IUGR,which was ruled out after birth by the paediatrician.then we were told he had heart murmurs and post echo PDA was rule out.thereafter,his growth charts and other developments have been normal,the only slight delay being in onset of teething(around 11 mth).However,he was not responding to his name or saying mama or papa by age of 2 and half.We consulted his paediatrician and he advised to wait for 6 mths and watch for autism /ADHD.C/C-even though he uses some words like names and points to some 20-30 vegetables and fruits ,objects like umbrella,watch,clock,tv,mobiles etc.,maintains eye contact,no eating or sleeping disorder,usually cheerful and happy,displays emotions and responds to them,joyfully sings some nursery rhymes in both hindi and english,even some movie songs, loves scribbling with crayons.hes very active physically,loves tasks with physical manouevering(climbing,riding,swimming,swinging,ruuning etc
but he doesnot obey commands,doesnot respond to his name,doesnot say mummy or papa,doesnot interact much with children(though he does play with older and known children),repeatedly lines up his toys, vehicles and even, stools and chairs at times and insists on it not being removed or disturbed,communicates his needs by using our hands (to point at things )and gestures,is aggressive at times and resorts to tantrums mostly,doesnot take turns or even stand in que.Sometimes ,i feel hes using certain words and even phrases with understanding what they mean.We started his play school around mid january.Initially ,he didnt like it much,cried and had tantrums.By end of feb,he started liking going to school and by end of May,made some good progress also,started singing poems,telling colours,saying courtesies like hello ,babye and thank you.now suddenly,hes completely awash.....doesnt sing that many rhymes and that too frequently,speaks too gibbrish,his vocabulary has started shrinking(recognizes less no. of things),if we are persuasive,he would try to speak out any word he can remember(like on being repeatedly asked to shake hands and say hello,he kept looking at me and said words like aubergine,pink,ramayan pumpkin etc. ........ but just couldnot understand what i was asking him to do.finally,he just hugged me as if in some kind of reassurance.....i was totally baffled.2 mths back,he was just alright........i cried and he wiped off my tears and hugged again......2 days later,i was summoned by the school principal who had similar observation.she told me that he is way behind his peers in his class and may not be ready for the big school    next year and advised us to visit a psychiatrist for a DQ test(development quotient test).
      im really worried plz advise
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Thank you for sharing your story.  It is important to remember that he is still your son and there for you to love.  He needs you.  You will be his best advocate in seeking services/help for him as you deal with the various professionals and teachers in his life.

The sooner you can get the testing done and find out what they suggest you do (direction to go), the better the outcome for him.  With not knowing, you are left hanging out there.  Did anyone give you any suggestions of how to work with him?  Looking at what worked before and what didn't will help.  

Have you read much about Autism?  If so, do you see similarities in what you have read?  You can do research online in the meantime, but bear in mind to be careful not overwhelm yourself with information.  Keeping your balance while you wait to see a Doctor for an evaluation for a diagnose is so important also.

Do you know any parents with children who have a combination of Autism/ADHD?  You can consider looking into support groups around your area.

I will share some links you can look over for any useful info.


I hope you are able to find answers as to what is going on and get help with your son.  

Please keep us posted :-))
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I had similar problems with my daughter, She didn't walk till she was 3.  I had earlie intervention come out to our house to evaluate her. She is 7 now & has a hard time making friends. She is fine around adults. She needs to have things structured & in order, she has melt down if things are out of place. We are on a list to see a nuerologist in 2011. If you feel something isn't right than it probably isn't ,you know your child. My daughter although not officially diagnosed yet is add/aspergers. I went to support groups autism/aspergers & the parents there are so willing to help & they want to hear your story . I think you shoul let the school do the testing they are requesting & no the facts before signing anything. This way if there is something wrong you can put him in a school that will help him over come his struggles, I had to take my daughter out of Catholic school & put her in a public school that has behavioral health teachers & I have seen a huge difference. It is sad when you can't figure out what your child needs, I have been there. It will all work out for you
Look at the links the person above posted they will help guide you.
Take Care.
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