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My 5 years old girl can't talk properly

My little girl is now 5 years old and she has a problem of speech delay.
I have brought her to refer to doctors and had gone through various tests. She was diagnosed with mild autism at age of 3 years old. The reason of getting tested as mild autism is because of she could react to the environment, get good eye contact, able to follow instructions given, no flapping hands or weird behaviour, but the only thing is that she could not speak. As according to school teacher, she is able to write well,but not speaking.
I have learnt various methods to encourage her to speak out, sending her to kindergarten schooling, and enroll for theraphy and so on.
Now, it really worrying me as she had reached the age of 5, and could only speak 1-2 words like bye-bye, I want,car,fish and so on. A normal kid at her age should be able to tell theirs needs in a sentence order.

Please advise.
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