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2yr old, stomach pain, elevated sed rate

My daughter has had reoccurring stomach problems since Sep/Oct 2013. It started with intermittent diarrhea with weightloss. Then starting Jan of this year til now she has had over 6 "stomach viruses". But these aren't normal stomach bugs that most people would get they last 3-4 days with her waking up and just vomiting/diarrhea out of nowhere and having it for a few days. In between these bouts she has not had a normal BM its either diarrhea or constipation and in the stools is mucus. And with these bouts she will run fevers of 102 or higher, but what is weird is if she were to get sick with an ear infection it would NEVER get that high! Now just last week she has started doubling over clutching her chest(stomach) and her abdominal area in pain crying and screaming(we have started calling them her attacks). Afterwards she is sometimes so exhausted from it she falls asleep in a fetal position. We took her to the doctor Friday where they ran some test and her sed rate was elevated so we came back today for more repear testing to be told its almost back to normal so its another stomach virus!! This is so frustrating! She doesn't drink dairy or eat that much. HELP!! Any suggestions??
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So sorry about your daughter.
Hi KristiLola.

Something to rule out-obvious to me, but again it is just my opinion-
is childhood inflammatory bowel disease.
IBD causes inflammation of the intestinal track and fever is a response to it
and it is more acute every time there's a flare-up.

You need to also rule out any intolerance to foods and drinks (besides dairy) ingested, specially gluten & soy. Beware of various products containing gluten but not necessarily disclosed-like play-dough, shampoos, sauces etc.
One way to self-test is by doing Dr. Cocoa`s Pulse test, for any type of allergy, intolerance or sensitivity to anything ingested that the body treats as offensive, including substances which may have a delayed effect
(very difficult to link it with the issue on hand much later).
For this test I recommend a digital pulse meter/monitor and it would take about a week to complete , however, it is well worth it, to my opinion.

Also look into demulcent herbs, which help sooth internal tissues which have been inflamed, but please test using a minute amount and increasing
it very gradually.
Another suggestion is to try giving her some extra virgin coconut oil starting with a teaspoon daily and gradually increasing to a level of 3-4 teaspoons daily within a few weeks.
Coconut oil is one of the top "functional" foods (antiviral, antimicrobial, anntiparasitic and antifungal and the closest to mother's milk for immune protection) and please do not buy into the old saturated fat propaganda on this.
My wife is a dietitian, my daughter is a holistic health practitioner and I'm
an independent medical researcher -among other things) and coconut oil has been a life saver for us. We have consuming about a liter per week
for many years, on a daily basis.
You may want to get more details from the coconut research center website.

I hope this helps, but please note that this is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

Best wishes to you and your daughter and please keep us posted.

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