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My wife was diagnosed with Autoimmune Pancreatitis last Sept after an initial wrong diagnosis of pancreatic cancer back in May 2009. She started Steroid treatment in Sept after long bouts of emergency admissions, 2 ERCP for stents, 3 EUS, 7 CT scans and 1 MRI scan. Her last EUS showed that her pancreas was starting to look a lot better but they found gas in her bile and pancreatic duct with no reason for it being there. Her symptoms have persisted throughout this and is now waiting to see a liver specialist next week. She was admitted as recently as the 16th of Jan for 8 days with severe stomach pains and vomiting and ended up having a stomach drain in for 5 days and Nil By mouth for 5 days. Her LFT have been out since this all started back in May and her last admission showed no sign of Pancreatitis. Her CRP level though was 119 which is very high but another CT showed nothing wrong (but this was done one day after she started to feel better).

She has been on MST Morphine Sulphate, Servedol for pain since this started, Creon 40000, Domperidone, Cyclizine, Lansoprazole, ursodeoxycholic acid, has become diabetic and is now on insulin.

Her symptom are mainly bouts of vomiting (very bad) severe pain, a very large stomach (looks about 7 months pregnant), no periods, extremely tired (sleeps for 2 days on end sometimes), one pupil is sometimes bigger than the other, sore eyes.

My question is on the AIP form someone said she might have AIH, do these symptoms match and is there any advice as to questions we could as the liver specialist next week. I have had major problems with the hospitals after they said she had cancer as they really washed their hands of her and now that it is something our local general hospital is unsure of she has been suffering these symptoms for nearly 9 months now.
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