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ANA negative but "autoimmune" symptoms? (Also - omeprazole)

So I know posting here won't solve my problem but I wanted to see if anyone had experienced anything similar. Been feeling ill since April of last year, started with a concussion leading to terrible dizziness, then upper body weakness/subluxated rib per my doctor, who then decided I needed to have my gallbladder removed (which helped nothing), then diagnosed by EGD with GERD at the end of August so bad it's downright "impressive" per my gastroenterologist for someone my age (late 20s).

After the gerd diagnosis I was prescribed twice daily omeprazole. Was still feeling horribly fatigued all the time, dizzy, joint pain. My doctor kept running tests and nothing was found (I should note that I tested reactive for hep c antibodies - I have had a PCR viral load test four times since then spaced months apart - most recently this month - and all have come out not detected - two doctors insist I do not have hep c so I guess I have to let that go. No risk factors at all except the hospital.) At the same time about a month after beginning omeprazole, I tested ANA negative. My doctor said this rules out all autoimmune disorders.

Since then I only seem to be getting worse - papular rash all over my legs, now random petichaie and two of my nails are turning whitish while the rest look purple. I'm terrified because I read this can be a sign of liver or kidney problems. I've also gotten several bullseye looking lesions that look like erythema migrans.

One thing I have noticed is that my feet change color (red in places, white in others) when I am in/after the shower (as well as one of my nipples - which is also painful) , and it looks like it may be raynaud's, which I know can be autoimmune related. Is it possible to have an autoimmune disease but still be ANA negative? I was feeling much better back when I got tested than I do now. I have also read the omesprazole can cause drug induced lupus (though rare) - has anyone experienced anything similar?

My knees also get hot and red at times.

I'm just so terrified - I honestly feel like I am dying and my doctors won't take me seriously any more because my tests won't show anything conclusive.
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