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ANA positive with typical incurable relative diseases..doctors in india unable to help...pls help..


This is in regard to my cousin who is 20years old and got ANA test positive. Doctors are wondering and holding meetings to understand her case. I kindly request you to please suggest me what should i do to save her life.

She initially complained of very high fever for several days. The fever later reduced but was not going below 100 degrees. The sugar level was also extremely high (400-500), which was not getting controlled. On diagnosis,doctors detected Vasculitis. As a result of vasulitis, eyes and Pancreas are effected in her case. She complained of reduced eye sight and heavy redness in her eye. There is swelling and inflammation in Pancreas too. i would also like to inform that she was suffering from fever without any reason for the last 6 years. she was taken to all the best medical healthcares in INDIA but no one could come out with any reason for her fever. only this time all this was detected.

Doctors have suggested to give her steroids to minimize the effects on other body organs. But i worry because she still has very high level of sugar and giving steroids will further increase the sugar level. I am worried if this will ease the situation or make it more critical.They also told that the situation can not be cured.

Please share your understanding of my cousin's case. I also heartily request you to suggest me a cure and treatment for the same. Can she undergo blood and bonemarrow transplant to cure the situation permanently? If she can, please recommend some institues where it can be done.

I will be highly glad and cordially thankful to you if any information and suggestion is shared regarding the case. Your smallest of the help will ease my family's worries. Looking forward for your help.

Regards and Thank You

Kumar Dibyesh
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