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Addison's Disease

My mom was diagnosed with Addison's 15 years ago and has been sick ever since. We have come to conclusion now that she may have been misdiagnosed. But she's been on tha meds so long that there is no turning back....My question: Who is responsible for writing her steroid meds? She has changed Endocrine and for some reason her PCP has been writing her meds for several years. Her PCP dher and now her Endocrine is refusing to write her script. Question 2: How often should Endocrine be seeing her and exactly what test should he be giving to insure her body is at proper lvls? It's like no one wants to treat her because they don't want to be responsible for her poor condition. WE DONT CARE ANYMORE! CANT BE CHANGED! Just want her to have better quality of life.....She's older and I need to have my facts right if I'm going to confront these DR's. Thank you

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****Her PCP dropped her as a patient*****
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Hi Latenite007.
I'm so sorry for your mom's suffering
and the lack of answers from her medical doctors.
Addison's Disease is a medical condition which is incurable.
The main issue with Addison's is the
irreversible adrenal failure.
Unfortunately, should the conventional medical community recognize hypoadrenalism (adrenal fatigue/low adrenal function) in the earlier stages, I believe that Addison's could be prevented or controlled better.
There seems to be a total disconnect
in the medical community regarding
such conditions, which puts so many
sufferers at even worse risks.
I think that corticosteroid long-term treatments from early on do more damage than good, as the body totally shuts down its own production.
The only thing I can suggest for your mom is to seek a Functional Medicine Doctor, with experience in Holistic Endocrinology, to determine if
an alternative treatment of sorts could help manage her condition better.
Best wishes,

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