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Advice please - IgG moderate positive

Hi there,

I need some advice please.  I have recently had some tests done and my IgG came back at 60 (GPL) which indicates on the ref range that it's moderate positive.  My IgM however is < 4 (MPL) which is negative and my Anitnuclear Ab is negative.  Can someone please explain what the positive IgG means as I am not seeing my doctor for a couple of weeks to talk about the results.  By the way I have had 10 miscarriages - are these related to my positive IgG result???
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Sorry, I probably should have mentioned that this is Cardiolipin IgG and IgM.
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Hi dscoqn.

The prevalence of IgG is highly associated with first trimester spontaneous abortions and recurrent miscarriages. The risk factor is 4-fold.
Labs are known to use different scales, ranges and criteria, nonetheless, in your case in regards to your miscarriages, any levels over 36 GPL units are considered strongly elevated. You may want to verify with the Lab, as they may be using different references for the indicated range, associated perhaps with other diseases.

The standard corrective therapy for this is low dose aspirin, safe for the mother and the fetus, therefore reducing significantly the risk of miscarriage.

This test (anticardiolipin antibody IgG/IgM) is a screening test for APS, as this is a syndrome often associated with pregnancy complications and recurring miscarriages.
Note: clinical evaluation is needed also for a definite DX.

I don't understand why it took 10 miscarriages (wow!)
to arrive at this so vital finding! This must have been so hard for you.
Please forgive my ignorance, but what did the doctors do to help you find answers all this time?
My guess is that there aren't any "comforting" answers.
Makes our 1st unsuccessful IVF  attempt - as devastating as it felt at the time for my wife and myself- seem so insignificant, in comparison.

Have you had any Counselling or Therapy to help you deal with all the trauma and  the emotional effects associated with your miscarriages?
If not, I would strongly recommend that you consider it.
My background is in Therapy and should you have any questions,
please do not hesitate to post again or send me a private message.


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Wow thanks Niko, for that really informative answer! I think I may have been tested in the past but it didn't show elevated levels at the time.  I don't know for sure though as I have been tested for so much stuff over the years.  I have started going to a Natropath and she wants to have everything tested again as she doesn't know what I have and haven't been tested for.  I am due to go to see her in a couple of weeks to go over these results.

Some of my losses have actually been ectopic - 4 of them confirmed in the tubes and most of the rest suspected (I lost them too early to tell where they were).  My latest and most devastating loss was 12 weeks ago where I went into pre-term labour with my daughter at 18 weeks - needless to say she didn't make it.  She was actually an IVF baby as the doctors wanted to try it because I was having so many ectopics.  After I delivered her a massive blood clot came out almost the size of a football, they said that wasn't normal.  I wonder if it had to do with this elevated IgG??

Yes I have had quite a bit of therapy, especially of late with this recent loss.  All the other losses were hard but this one was particularly hard especially because I had to deliver her and got to hold her in my arms.  She was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Thanks for your lovely reply and offer to answer any questions xx
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