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Alopecia Areata

I have a severe case of Alopecia Areata which started 2 months ago and is all over my head.  I was wondering what some of the underlying causes might be.  I have had blood tests for:

STDs  -- all negative
red blood cell count - normal
thyroid - normal

I have had severe allergies in the past, but nothing definite.

I have taken up drinking very heavily due to stress, which my doctor says just makes it a lot worse.  I have always been very stressful, but apparently it is usually something else that kicks it off.

If anyone with this disease can tell me what causes have been confirmed I would appreciate it.

I'm 45 with no other health problems -- and don't worry I am getting treatment from a dermatologist and my doctor for anxiety.
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Don't just have your thyroid levels checked; have your thryoid antibody levels checked.
My hair fell out in patches because I have been diagnosed with Grave's.  I had a thyroid storm, and now I have Hashimoto's.  I have antibodies for both in high numbers.

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well  i started loseing my hair at the age of 25 it was falling out in big clumps my doc i had back then told me it was alopeica areta however they did blood test for my thyroid said it was normal im now 33 and some spots grow back but it is growing back pure white and then more falls out in other areasnot only that but my armpit hairs sometimes fall out then other times they are so brittle you touch them and they crumble and break my eye brows also the hairs fall out and grows back pure white im trying to figure out really what is going on i have had alot of health problems can anyone give me insight on this
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