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Am I crazy or What?!!!

Hi. I'm a 50 yr. old female who is an independently-employed massage therapist. About 10-12 months ago, I started experiencing stiffness and pain in my big toe joint. The podiatrist said it was hallux rigidus/arthritis and gave me a cortisone shot. It helped but since then...I have it back (big time) in BOTH toe joints AND little by little my finger joints started aching esp. in morning, followed by neck stiffness and overall widespread stiffness, achiness and pain. The last couple of months it has gotten to the point where I limp a little when I walk and my joints are rapidly getting worse. My job is very physical and my hands take a lot of abuse due to the nature of what I do, and there have been days that I question whether I'll have to stop. I went to my GP who is supposedly very naturopathic/alternative AND Western as well and her response to all this was..."well, there's no reason to test you, because whether you have RA or not, it really doesn't matter --- you have inflammation and soreness in joints and maybe muscles too so we will start treating it regardless ---- and with that, she told me to order CURAMED which is a turmeric - oil supplement.
I ordered it and so far it's done NOTHING. My joints are just getting worse. I have no idea what is actually going on, due to "no definitive testing." So today I picked up Schiff brand 1,500 Gluco/Choindroitin with 1,500 MSM and will hope and pray it helps as I've read great reviews. But my main question is, "don't you think a doctor would atleast want to provide you with an actual DIAGNOSIS???" to exclude any infection or other autoimmune disorder? I don't know, I really feel let down and discouraged by her passiveness esp. since the whole reason I went to her was I thought she was thorough and preventative/alternative - oriented!!! Your feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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Hi cazma250.
Welcome to the forum.

I can give you a full technical explanation , why and how testing for arthritis
may give you accurate -or not- findings.
There are usually more negative than positive findings, in confirmed cases of arthritis and there are reasons for that, but I won't get in to this now.
Natural remedies WILL work better that any drug for inflammation over time!
Chemicals from drugs have fast action, b/c they are designed that way.
Pharmaceuticals design drugs that way, as most people demand instant
symptom relief and equate effectiveness to this.
Holistic remedies on the other hand, working at more fundamental level,
taking much longer time to bring results.
Give the glucosamine/chondroitin  a few weeks and their effectiveness will surpass ANY drug in the market! I'm not familiar with curamed, but I suspect it's similar.
I come from a holistic and alternative healing background and family tradition and I do not buy much into the diagnosis philosophy, as it's geared
to operate from within a strict medical box, that is primarily designed to
approach disease mainly at the collective symptom level, missing in the process fundamental causative imbalances, thus not being able to correct these(by supporting the immune system).
Ultimately the only thing that heals anything or anybody is the body itself-
given PROPER help
Enough said about this.

You may also look into Boswellia seratta extract, as it is one of the best anti-inflammatory agents available. AOR has a nano-available form
and if taken with fats its efficiency gets boosted by 700%!!!
It is ideal to fight inflammatory processes, specially the ones from TNFa
(tumor necrosis alpha type of inflammatory chemicals)
Should you have any questions please post again.
But I think your holistic minded doctor is good. Just didn't take enough time to explain things.
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