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Anyone Looking To Find ROOT Causes and REVERSAL of their disease?

I am..was just wondering if anyone else is...I believe that the body has the ability, if given the right "tools" to return to a state of health and wellness.  I'm working on this today.  Wondering if anyone else is? What's your journey been like..what are you finding out? Do you have a doctor that thinks the same?  I have two that believe the body can heal given the right circumstances, which means the right supplements, detoxification etc.

Thanks for your comments ahead of time.
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Well, Sjogren's is believed to have a genetic component, and believe me, my whole family has got the symptoms and are now being tested.  There's nothing to be done yet about genetics!  The second component is supposedly a viral infection, and I agree with that too.  Mine started a couple months after I got Mono.  I like the idea that something could get my immune system to calm down, but looking at my family, I don't think it's likely.
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Hi, Thanks for the response.
have you checked into how RAW FOOD has healed people of these diseases?  What started me on this journey was Raw For 30 Days..a doctor takes his Diabetic patients both type 1 and type 2 and REVERSES their disease.  Some had genetic factors that you speak of...some did not.  That is Dr. Gabriel Cousins M.D..also checked in to Dr. Max ****** who has healed people of cancer.  We don't hear about these people because no one is making money off of them..we change our food and some lifestyle changes and the body miraculously begins to heal itself.  DVD's for anyone who is really serious about their health and the health of their families..Food Matters, The Beautiful Truth, The Future of Food, Food Inc.  It's all about the food.  I just found a gal on-line that reversed her Lupus after 19 years.

It just all brings a totally new, fresh look to health and wellness and actually puts it in my reach.  That gives me hope.  The medical profession that I've been in touch with is not educated in health and wellness.  They are trained to deal with symptoms and often times when they prescribed just made things worse.  I have never felt this good.

I wish you well on your journey and if you watch any of these DVD's ( you can see snippets on YouTube) I'd like to see what you think.
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You are correct that the diet means everything in good health no matter what the disease.  The body heals from within and doctors can't heal you.  You must heal yourself.  All the doctors do is give you the drugs that are themselve posion for the body.  Hope it is OK to say that.  I was on the MS board and they seem to get pretty violent when you suggest that they can help their MS disease through diet.  It seems to upset them for some reason.  The moderator sent me a e-mail explaining to me I shouldn't be posting what I was posting.   Think some people get use to what they are doing and do not want to change.  I am reminded of the saying if you keep doing what you always do you will get what you always got.  If we want to change things we must change what we are doing.  I have benefited greatly in following a diet which is loaded with fruits and vegetables.  Apparently on the MS board they do not even want you to list web sites for good health such as paleo diet, Juicing, fasting, and supplements which can be used to detoxifiy your body.  I think it is useless to try and inform people who have had these diseases for a long time.  They have come to accept it and choose to live with it.  The only thing I would like to do is inform someone who is new to these diseases that there is another option and they like me can cure themself if the take the right supplements to detoxify the body and eat a healthy diet.  The doctors will not tell you this because there is no money in making their patients healthy.  Hope this board has not got a problem with freedom of thought.  If they do I will probably get another E-mail telling me I shouldn't be telling people things which do not have scientific fact as they see it.  In the future I will keep my comments to the new people who may want to try something that will make them healthy and not answer the long time board member because they are beyond help.  If you read Hal Huggins book "Solving the MS Mystery" you will undertstand not everyone wants to get better and it is no use giving them information for good health because they do not want to hear it.  Good health means they have to change what they are doing and some just do not want to change.  They would rather get a pill or and injection from the doctor.  He is the expert who will be glad to take their money.
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<-----is standing and clapping is acceptance of who you are and what you are trying to tell the world!  I have that same message. I have been kicked off so many boards for trying to tell people there is a DIFFERENT way than drugs and suffering.  There truly truly is. But people have been brain washed in the US about health and disease.  It is very sad that this is true. I have a blog site that I try and post news on about people who have healed from taking back control of their health and changing their lifestyle and food choices.
I'm not sure I can post that link here though...
my e-mail is ***@**** though.  I think I can post that.
I'm listening to a Dr. Janet Lang right now on a site called Primal Body~Primal Mind and she is sharing all about thyroid disease and adrenals and that Hashimoto's actually starts in the gut.  Balance the hormones FIRST..and not with bioidenticals or synthetics...healing the body and allowing the body to correct the hormonal imbalance on it's own.  I wonder if I can post that link?

You are right on sister!  I'm glad we have found our like minds!
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What I don't get about this reasoning is that if the diet/lifestyle is the answer, then why isn't everyone sick?  Why are there millions of people walking around who eat junk, smoke, drink, don't exercise, etc. who are FINE?

I eat 6-7 servings of vegetables and fruits per day for my cholesterol, but it's still high, along with my BP.   I have been on Weight Watchers for a year, yet lost no weight.  I was a workout nut for 20 yrs., but after menopause, still gained 40 lbs!  I have hypothyroid, High blood pressure, high cholesterol, Sjogren's, some unidentified autoimmune disease, osteoarthritis, my back is mess.  I'm always in pain.  I did everything right for most of my life, and now at 53 (starting around 50) I am so sick and miserable.

I'm sure the MS people might feel the same.  There's nothing wrong with what you are saying, but I also get angry when people tell me, *oh, just change your diet and lose weight.*  I try very hard and do everything the doctors tell me, but I don't get better.  And no one LIKES to take drugs, at least I don't.
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I like your enthusiasm and agree that diet and exercise are important.  However, I can't agree that they fix your body.  Otherwise, I never would have gotten sick.  My body was at near-professional athlete fitness, with all the proper nutrition when it started falling apart.  Doctors would not believe I was ill because I was so healthy.  I understand your search for help and wish you all the luck in the world, but just don't be shocked if it doesn't work.
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Hi Cindee,
Well that's what is so deceptive..they ARE sick..but did you realize MOST people wait until it is too late to get help?  Whether it be medical or alternative...same with our mental health..my counselor from years ago said that most couples do not come to her until it's just about over. This is true with a lot of people as well, men are known for letting things go until it's almost too late.

Let's back up a second ..:-) THERE is so MUCH to learn...I'm always learning like today ( I'll share that in a minute.)

It isn't just change your diet and lose weight.  It's about WHAT diet you change it to..and it has to be a lifestyle change to make any kind of solid change.  Also every single person is different. So what works for me and others may not work for you. But I know that getting the right person/doctor to hear you and work with you are very few and far between. I'm just offering a solution I'm currently trying ( organic raw food, meditation, new doctor ;-), yoga, rebounder, walking, journaling).

Here's how I got started.  I watched a DVD called Food Matters...from there I noticed the healthiest looking person on the DVD was a guy named David Wolfe.  I googled him...then I saw what he does...and I began to READ and educate and read some more about RAW food.  I keep reading and learning and learning and reading.

The medical profession is trained in SYMPTOMS not in health.  Look at it this way...would you go to a plumber to have your exhaust on your car fixed? no you wouldn't. So you can't expect a medical doctor to know about getting WELL.  At least that's my perspective.  You have to go to doctors that are trained in wellness and health.  We have been bombarded with TV commercials that tell us about DRUGS DRUGS and more DRUGS to fix this or that..when in reality they are only masking the problem, until that one doesn't work any longer and we get another one.  It is a vicious cycle and MOST people are in it.  You must begin to break out of that way of thinking and surround yourself with people and information about health and wellness.

Ok a bit on diet...IF you're diet is NOT Organic..you are ADDING to your issues.  The food today..even fruits and vegetables are loaded with pesticides and herbacides and fungacides. This taxes your immune system.  When you look at how many times you are eating a day...yeah see how much toxic load you are putting on your system? Just from food...so try and buy organic or locally grown..talk to the growers and see if they spray or put things in the soil.

Remember this is all an educational process, a new way of thinking, a new way to learn. What, seriously, do you have to lose? I'm not "selling" anything here..just trying to share what I've been learning and now what I'm trying to live.  

The next step about diet is RAW vs. COOKED.  It is a well known documented fact that cooked food doesn't contain the enzymes you need to digest the food.  Why this isn't stressed more in the media and health fields is beyond me.  because if we're not digesting our food, then what is our body using to keep us healthy?  Are the dots connecting?  When I first heard this information, it blew me away...it makes so much sense.  So start by eating a FRESH ( organic if you can) salad each day..the changes you feel immediately, there's no denying that. Pay attention to how you feel after eating a salad and how you feel after eating a steak and potato.

I don't want to overwhelm you so let's stop there...other DVD's to watch are The Beautiful Truth, raw for 30 days, Dying To Have Known, The Future of Food.

What I learned today...there is another post of mine about Thyroid/Adrenals and Hashimoto's on the Hashimoto's list..go and listen to that podcast...that information will change your life.

I'm here for support.
Let me know your thoughts.
I know it is not easy to make changes. That is why we need these boards..to have the support we need to make it one day at a time to changing our lives.

Eat well, live well, be well.
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What was your nutrition? if I can ask...have you watched Food Matters? Food Inc.? or The Future of Food?  you can see snippets of these on YouTube right now.  What I have learned is our food supply is actually killing us with all of it's hormones, and chemicals, and preservatives.  MSG is now known by 100's of names and no one knows what it's in anymore.  Excitotoxins are in everything and are making us sick.

The other issue with you being in top form is stress...can you listen to the podcast about thyroid/adrenal and Hashimoto's even if you don't have any of these..this doctor talks about to connection to the adrenals.

Also all disease in the body starts with TOXIC overload.  Then you add in celiacs disease and absorption issues, food allergies, adrenal exhaustion, endocrine distruptors ( such as plastic bottles, vaccines, mercury/amalgam fillings etc.) and no matter how healthy you think you might be, you can get sick.  

There is also a thing called the silent killer: inflammation...that goes undetected for years ( 10,20,30)...maybe you had/have one of those and didn't /don't know it.  This is why education is so important.  Don't just hear what your doctor IS saying, but what is he NOT saying?  Most doctors don't put in a full day at the office and then head to the library for research.  Neither do they put in 10 hours at the office and go home and do research on their computers for 5 hours before going to bed.  We expect WAY too much out of doctors today.  They are overwhelmed.  It's really not fair to expect so much from them.

I have already noticed how it is changing how I feel.  The first time I went 100% raw I was not needing to sleep for 8 hours a night.  I had more energy in the afternoon.  My blood pressure was leveling out and I looked healthier, friends and even one of my doctors took notice.  My thinking was clearer as well.

I went back on 80% raw because of the emotional healing that began to take place that I was not ready for.  What the raw food people talk about is deep cellular healing..which releases old emotional energy that has been stored and boy did it.  Scared me enough to go back on cooked food.  To understand this fully you need to educate and research and investigate raw food.  I was NOT prepared for it and so it scared me.

I begin another 100% raw tomorrow.  It is NOT easy to change the way in which I have learned to deal with my emotions...I'm a fast food addict  in the flesh.  But I
am determined to make the changes necessary for my body to heal.  FOOD has been my comfort for many years.  I use to weigh 260 pounds at 5'1..am now 170 pounds and losing each week.

Now don't get me wrong I am on medication for the thyroid issue today...armour...but what I learned today on that podcast is going to change all that. Podcast is posted under the Hashimoto's list (Thyroid/Adrenal/Hashimoto's) it's worth listening to because she explains so much about how the adrenals and thyroid and rest of the body functions with one another.

I wish you well..I know what I am doing is not for everyone..it is for me...and if it doesn't work at all ( which it already has begun to) then what have I lost? nothing really in my opinion...how many times did FORD try to develop the car engine? before he got it right?  All the other things have not shown me this kind of healing...all of them combined...so what do I have to lose?

Eat well, live well, be well.
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We are all different and how much of these toxins our bodies can handle depends on our genetics.  Some people can smoke for 90 years and be healthy until they die.  That doesn't change the fact that smoking is bad for the body and test show the smoke is full of toxins.  Some people have the genetics which get rid of these toxins good.  Some people can't deal very well with the smoke so they get cancer and die.  Dr. Boyd Haley, PHD biochemist at the University of Kentucky explains how everyones body is different and their ability to get rid of the toxins is different.  Google his name and he has a nice video which explains alot about what I am saying.  If you have the gentics which allow you to excrete mercury and other toxins you will not get sick but once you get too much of this stuff in your body you will get very sick.  There is a segment of the population who cannot excrete these toxins very well and it makes them sick. Things which have helped me are juicing, fasting, and taking detoxification supplements.  Google these things and maybe you can find something that will help you.  The only way I know of finding what works is to try things and your body will tell you if you are doing the right thing.    
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May I just add a comment.

I have just been diagnosed as having celiac disease and through researching this intolerence I have found that not only can it manifest in the gut giving related symptoms, but it can manifest neurologically to.  One condition being Apraxia (think this is how it's spelt) a form of this being called gluten apraxia were patients develop it due to their sensitivity to gluten.  Removing gluten from the diet may not reverse any damage done but will stop this condition from progressing.

I have never really considered the part food can play in are health other than the usual - eat 5 a day, not to much salt, not to much fat etc.  But now am open minded about the prevelence of our food choices when it comes to more complicated health issues.  I think once research is widely known and accessible then more and more people will become interested in this area giving rise to knowledge and understanding of it's importance.
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There is an excellent explanation of this in a U-tube video concerning the Paleo Diet.  The title of the video is Potential Therapeutic Characteristics of Preagriculture Diets in Prevention and Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis by Loren Cordian, PhD Colorado State University.  It gives a explanation as to how Legunes and whole grain can effect certain people in the gut.  It explains how certain foods have a substance call Lectin surrounding them which prevents them from preditors.  It explains how the lectins cause problems in the gut.  I thought it was quite interesting.  You might want to look at it if you haven't already seen it.  Trying to solve ones health problem using diet is so simple it is hard to understand why someone really ill would not give it a try.  When you try an explain dietary information as treatment for these health conditions they get violent and want to kick you off their board.  Think in their mind they realize diet is everything but they do not want to change what they are doing.  Good Luck with your health.
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Hi Amy & want2bike,

Like others i'm very happy that you are enthusiastic about good health and nutrition. And i do believe that there are elements of eating the right foods that can help people feel better and live better. But i think the reason why some people get so offended is your use of words. Changing diet is not a CURE for all diseases. To insinuate that diet is going to cure someone who had been struggling with a horrible disease is actually down right insulting.  Again i think that eating the right foods WILL make people feel better over all... but i completely disagree with the notion that food is the "root cause" of some of these autoimmune illnesses.

Part of me thinks there is a link between glutens and certain autoimmune conditions aside from just celiac, but i do NOT think that it explains it all.

Let me just tell you that food definitely has NOTHING to do with what I have. I eat mostly raw food, and whole food. I grow my OWN organic vegetables. I have been gluten free for a while now. I suffer from Hahimotos and am in the middle of a working dx for another autoimmune condition. My brother also suffers from Hasimoto's he is also gluten free, he still also struggles with not feeling well. Further more, I am not over weight. i am 5'5" 103 lbs and I practice yoga and barefoot jogging. I was in great physical health until being being hit with my autoimmune problems.  I am 26 years old and was dxed with hashis in november.

Even after having tried a bunch of different (what i would call FAD health) diets, I feel the same. For ME these diets did not "reverse"  the "root cause" of my illness. It is wishful thinking and i think that is why so many people get offended. These diseases are SERIOUS they are most likely NOT going to go into remission by changing diet.

I do think there is a place for detox, good diet, and health in our overall well being and as a yoga practicer it is part of my life-style..... but I don't think it is a miracle cure. Sorry.

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HI..great post!
I started out by reading everything I could get my hands on by Dr. Gabriel Cousins M.D and Dr. Max ****** M.D and also David Wolfe who has done years of research on the raw food and super foods.

I was raised in a chiropractic family and so my background is not medical.  I use the medical profession for what I need them for...blood tests and such but am finding I can get my own lab tests done without a doctors script ( anylabtestsnow.com).  I know the body regenerates.  I know the body is a totally new body every 7 years.  It took me over 20 years to get this way, and I am sure I can improve..can I reverse everything, I think I can, but will I? no idea..but I have to try...what else do I have to lose?

One i think has to look at how our food is being GROWN in this country...what chemicals do they put in the food once it is taken out of the field...the movement is shifting...more and more people are becoming aware ( much tot he medical communities dismay) of what food and our water and our air is doing to us.  Other countries are SO FAR beyond us in this respect.  They care more about their people than thier pocket books.

Glad you posted...I look forward to more connection with you.
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Have you listened to the podcast? By Dr. Janet Lang? I posted it on another heading on this site...it will give you an insight to Hashimoto's and Thyroid disease I bet you have not heard before.  I think it will help you and your brother understand more clearly what is happening to your body...Some things from the podcast:Like if you have a thyroid disease you also have an adrenal disease.  Did you know that the PDR ( Physicians Desk Reference) states that doctors should NOT give thyroid medication/hormones IF the patient is suffering with adrenal fatigue?  The medical profession over looks this point because they do not have a test that tests for adrenal fatigue just adrenal disease like Addisons. Many many many thyroid patients need adrenal support BEFORE they ever go on medication for their thyroids..it's a secondary issue..not the primary.  All of this and so much more in on the podcast.  I hope you take a listen and let me know what you think.

I think most people feel insulted because they think and feel "FOOD can in no way be the answer, if that were true my doctor would have told me". how much nutrition are most doctors schooled in? I think it is a 3 hours class they have to take.  3 hours..that is not going to make them any money.

We have to be smart.

I also have Hashimoto's and have been able to decrease my medication 3 times now.  My hope is that it will correct enough to get off ALL medication.  Getting the mercury out of my mouth is a start in getting rid of a toxic load.  Drinking my green drinks are helping to stabilize my body, reduce inflammation, and reduce my antibody numbers.  I had antibody numbers over the 3000 test limit.  Balancing the adrenals and the thyroid and the whole entire endocrine system is NOT easy by any means...but food can give the body what it needs to heal or it can tax the system further and increase the toxic load. It is a choice.

FOOD is not the "cause" of any autoimmune disease directly( well maybe celiacs is the exception)...but if you don't have the correct minerals, protein, calcium, magnesium etc in your body at the time it needs it..what does the body do? it steals it from stored areas...or it goes without...allowing the body to then deteriorate slowly over time and thus develop dis-ease and illness.

I'd like to stay in touch with you and see if making some small changes could help you and your brother.  Are you willing? Small changes like these green drinks...yoga..meditation..journaling..life is not suppose to be about suffering and struggle in my opinion.

Be well,
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Not all of the cells in the body have a turn over rate, some never replace, others like the skin, turn over fast. Bone tissue, intestines, some brain tissues, turn over after decades. Even if some cells regenerate they are still written using the same underlying DNA. Food choices don't alter our genes. The body can only heal itself to a certain extent, and food choices only have a small part in that. I applaud your will power but people cannot will themselves cured. 7 years of eating raw foods will not cure most diseases, particularly most autoimmune ones.  

It could be that toxins in food and air are making humans sicker as a whole, but I still don't believe that pure air, food, and water is the cure. I believe I would still have gotten my illness even if i had lived in a biodome with pure water, air and, 100% raw foods.

Furthermore the US has some of the best standards for food prep, agriculture, and water quality. I would say aside from some European countries and Australia, the US might very well be the top. Most developing countries do not have the same health standards and pesticide regulations. The US spends a lot of money ensuring that the products we eat pass a minimum standard. It is up to the consumer to decide if the food is good for them or not. That is not, and should not be, the governments responsibility.

Also, I don't think that the  US "medical community" wants to see people get sick just to earn more money, so much money is dedicated to helping people feel better and finding real cures for problems and illnesses. The US is known for having top Doctors, facilities, hospitals and research. There will always be a need for Doctors even if every person had perfect air, water and nutrition. It's totally up to you that you want to take your health into your own hands 100% and order up your own labs, but I think that is horrible advice for people to do on a regular basis. If you order your own labs it's not covered by insurance, and with out Doctors and medical professionals, people would not know which labs to order. You cannot just rely on the internet and some books to make your own dx.... that is dangerous and bad advice. I think that people should always be their own advocate but there is a limit to that as well.
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You know... that IS interesting about not giving thyroid hormones to someone who might be  suffering adrenal fatigue!! I take .1 mg of snythroid everyday but my brother does not take his. He's been on synthroid, armour and feels better on nothing at all. We're both skinny. however i've become underweight since being dxed. my brother did not test positive for adrenal fatigue via his AM coritsol results. I have not yet had mine tested but that will probably end up on my list.  I definitely find treating Hashimotos to not be as simple as "one pill in the morning" as Doctors say..... and i know for a fact that most people dxed with Hashi's suffer off and on from it....

I want you to know that i am NOT naysaying everything you are saying and i do always like to hear all sides of things. I will listen to that podcast and see what she has to say I am VERY interested in learning more about thyroid function. I do think that thyroid diseases are an area which is grossly under-treated and i think doctors rely way way too much on the TSH results....

I'll tell you what... I'm going in sometime this week to get over 20 blood tests which were ordered by my Rheumy..... When that is over and done. I am willing to TRY whatever method you think could work. I am not going to argue against something that i cannot personally say did not work for me. Deal? And then I can report to you and others if it is making me feel better. And to make it even more valid, I will wait until I have a flare up to begin my new regime, and then I will not be able to say "it's just a coincidence" if I start to feel good.....  
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I agree with a lot of JenB's comments.  Modern medicine is not all bad, either.  I think there are some good doctors, and a lot of the drugs have saved people's lives--antibiotics, insulin, chemotherapy.

Also, if it's the food, why do babies and young children get sick?  They get cancer, asthma, all of that....just wondering.  Never thought about it that much, but there must be a reason.
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I just wanted to add here that I agree with eating healthy and taking care of one's body, but there are environmental factors at work that we have no control over.  Our earth is toxic.  We cannot escape it.  Chemicals are everywhere...literally everywhere.  Maybe if we didn't have to breathe we would all be safe.

We can do our best to eat well, yes, but it isn't always the answer or the cure.  But it cannot hurt.

Wanna :o)
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Even if  eating a healthier diet will not cure you we all know it will make you feel better and isn't that what we are all looking for a little relieve. I tell me friends it may not cure me but it sure helps I sleep better I feel better and if I feel better that make my mind clearer and I can tolerate my disease better. So why argue about it the fact is it will make you feel better and when you hurt or you are tried all the time isn't it worth it just to feel a little better. I know you know what I'm talking about we will all do things to make our bodies feel better whether it means taking drugs or eating better and we could all stand to eat better for our bodies.
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Check out http://www.immed.org  --- you will find out what all of these "autoimmune" conditions as well as other "syndromes" have in common.
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First of all I want to say that I love this medical forum.  What a blessing this site has been to me.  To be able to discuss our concerns and findings with others who are strugging with health issues.  

I think this discussion has been great.  I want to commend FancyPants&Me (Amy) for her aproach on this subject.  She has handled herself with great tenderness and thoughtfulness.  She has not come on strong, but in a way that is asking us to "look" into this concept of taking care of ourselves.  I applaude you, Amy, for the kind, considerate way of approaching this issue.

I've talked with JenB12 on several occasions.  I know that she is very conscience about her health.  I know some people when you talk to them about changing what they do, they get very defensive and worry about you wanting to take away their ice cream or diet coke.  Some people are very attached to their food they like.  It is hard to make changes.  But JenB is not that way.  I think it would be great if we all made these changes and kept each other informed on how we are doing.  

I garden a lot and work in my yard.  One thing I've noticed is if I give the soil the nutrients it needs the plants can fight ff diseases w/o me having to use poisons.  My dad was telling me that I would need something to fight a fungus that gets on St. Augustine grass.  I asked him what it looks like.  When he told me I realized that I had that happen this spring.  I just put chicken manure on it and it patched itself right up.  

Toxic food as well as toxic feelings can affect our bodies.  Unforgiveness and stress can aggrivate many problems.  

I know PlateletGal has done some non-conventional treatments and is on the road to recovery.  She has a lot to share with this group.  She is an extremely valueable member on medhelp.  It's nice to have people like all of you that we can learn from.  REAL PEOPLE WHO ARE LIVING THROUGH THESE ILLNSSES IN A REAL WAY.


God bless and keep all of you,
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Hi Cindee56,
One explination about kids getting sick is about a fundamental belief that they come into this life with "trauma" from a past life that is unresolved.  NOW I totally get the fact that many people do not believe in past lives etc.  But this is one explanation I've heard of.

Also many kids are born into families under severe emotional trauma and chaos.

I'm one who believes in the connection between the body, mind and spirit.

Next is the immunization angle.  We bombard a babies system with so many chemicals and toxins in their first year of life and expect them to be well and healthy and thrive.  REALLY?  does this actually even make sense?

Those are my thoughts.
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Yes there are toxins in the air we breath but many people are able to deal with these toxins. Their bodies are still working the way they are suppose to be working.  

We will always have toxins to deal with whether in our food, air, water, environments.  BUT I also believe that the healthy body can and will evolve into being able to deal with these toxins but only if a few things change and shift.  One of which is education about what is "true" about health and wellness.  Another is our money in this country ( USA) needs to be SPENT of prevention NOT dealing with symptoms after the disease has already set in...NOT saying that handling symptoms is not important because it is BUT there are methods of healing that have been around for 1000's of years..and still main stream america is clueless.  That's NOT RIGHT and it's not fair.  Most people do not know about the options available to them for cancer, for instance.  They know one way, the medical professions way and that's not right that people aren't given ALL the solutions and then be given the choice to make up their own mind as to what they want to do.

Two alternative M.D.'s are Dr. Gabriel Cousins and Dr. Max ******..read about them...and read everything because you will get a lot of information about them that is not positive because we are still living in reality here and most of the things that WORK to heal people and Don't make money for the AMA is seen as "****" and they're only trying to make a buck off poor innocent people.  READ everything that's out there.  Educate, educate, educate.


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Dr. Max's last name won't print on this site as they see him as a joke.  Interesting.
Very interesting.
Can't ever tell what's the truth and what's not the turth can you?
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