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Anyone Looking To Find ROOT Causes and REVERSAL of their disease?

I am..was just wondering if anyone else is...I believe that the body has the ability, if given the right "tools" to return to a state of health and wellness.  I'm working on this today.  Wondering if anyone else is? What's your journey been like..what are you finding out? Do you have a doctor that thinks the same?  I have two that believe the body can heal given the right circumstances, which means the right supplements, detoxification etc.

Thanks for your comments ahead of time.
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Well, Sjogren's is believed to have a genetic component, and believe me, my whole family has got the symptoms and are now being tested.  There's nothing to be done yet about genetics!  The second component is supposedly a viral infection, and I agree with that too.  Mine started a couple months after I got Mono.  I like the idea that something could get my immune system to calm down, but looking at my family, I don't think it's likely.
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Hi, Thanks for the response.
have you checked into how RAW FOOD has healed people of these diseases?  What started me on this journey was Raw For 30 Days..a doctor takes his Diabetic patients both type 1 and type 2 and REVERSES their disease.  Some had genetic factors that you speak of...some did not.  That is Dr. Gabriel Cousins M.D..also checked in to Dr. Max ****** who has healed people of cancer.  We don't hear about these people because no one is making money off of them..we change our food and some lifestyle changes and the body miraculously begins to heal itself.  DVD's for anyone who is really serious about their health and the health of their families..Food Matters, The Beautiful Truth, The Future of Food, Food Inc.  It's all about the food.  I just found a gal on-line that reversed her Lupus after 19 years.

It just all brings a totally new, fresh look to health and wellness and actually puts it in my reach.  That gives me hope.  The medical profession that I've been in touch with is not educated in health and wellness.  They are trained to deal with symptoms and often times when they prescribed just made things worse.  I have never felt this good.

I wish you well on your journey and if you watch any of these DVD's ( you can see snippets on YouTube) I'd like to see what you think.
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You are correct that the diet means everything in good health no matter what the disease.  The body heals from within and doctors can't heal you.  You must heal yourself.  All the doctors do is give you the drugs that are themselve posion for the body.  Hope it is OK to say that.  I was on the MS board and they seem to get pretty violent when you suggest that they can help their MS disease through diet.  It seems to upset them for some reason.  The moderator sent me a e-mail explaining to me I shouldn't be posting what I was posting.   Think some people get use to what they are doing and do not want to change.  I am reminded of the saying if you keep doing what you always do you will get what you always got.  If we want to change things we must change what we are doing.  I have benefited greatly in following a diet which is loaded with fruits and vegetables.  Apparently on the MS board they do not even want you to list web sites for good health such as paleo diet, Juicing, fasting, and supplements which can be used to detoxifiy your body.  I think it is useless to try and inform people who have had these diseases for a long time.  They have come to accept it and choose to live with it.  The only thing I would like to do is inform someone who is new to these diseases that there is another option and they like me can cure themself if the take the right supplements to detoxify the body and eat a healthy diet.  The doctors will not tell you this because there is no money in making their patients healthy.  Hope this board has not got a problem with freedom of thought.  If they do I will probably get another E-mail telling me I shouldn't be telling people things which do not have scientific fact as they see it.  In the future I will keep my comments to the new people who may want to try something that will make them healthy and not answer the long time board member because they are beyond help.  If you read Hal Huggins book "Solving the MS Mystery" you will undertstand not everyone wants to get better and it is no use giving them information for good health because they do not want to hear it.  Good health means they have to change what they are doing and some just do not want to change.  They would rather get a pill or and injection from the doctor.  He is the expert who will be glad to take their money.
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<-----is standing and clapping is acceptance of who you are and what you are trying to tell the world!  I have that same message. I have been kicked off so many boards for trying to tell people there is a DIFFERENT way than drugs and suffering.  There truly truly is. But people have been brain washed in the US about health and disease.  It is very sad that this is true. I have a blog site that I try and post news on about people who have healed from taking back control of their health and changing their lifestyle and food choices.
I'm not sure I can post that link here though...
my e-mail is ***@**** though.  I think I can post that.
I'm listening to a Dr. Janet Lang right now on a site called Primal Body~Primal Mind and she is sharing all about thyroid disease and adrenals and that Hashimoto's actually starts in the gut.  Balance the hormones FIRST..and not with bioidenticals or synthetics...healing the body and allowing the body to correct the hormonal imbalance on it's own.  I wonder if I can post that link?

You are right on sister!  I'm glad we have found our like minds!
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What I don't get about this reasoning is that if the diet/lifestyle is the answer, then why isn't everyone sick?  Why are there millions of people walking around who eat junk, smoke, drink, don't exercise, etc. who are FINE?

I eat 6-7 servings of vegetables and fruits per day for my cholesterol, but it's still high, along with my BP.   I have been on Weight Watchers for a year, yet lost no weight.  I was a workout nut for 20 yrs., but after menopause, still gained 40 lbs!  I have hypothyroid, High blood pressure, high cholesterol, Sjogren's, some unidentified autoimmune disease, osteoarthritis, my back is mess.  I'm always in pain.  I did everything right for most of my life, and now at 53 (starting around 50) I am so sick and miserable.

I'm sure the MS people might feel the same.  There's nothing wrong with what you are saying, but I also get angry when people tell me, *oh, just change your diet and lose weight.*  I try very hard and do everything the doctors tell me, but I don't get better.  And no one LIKES to take drugs, at least I don't.
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I like your enthusiasm and agree that diet and exercise are important.  However, I can't agree that they fix your body.  Otherwise, I never would have gotten sick.  My body was at near-professional athlete fitness, with all the proper nutrition when it started falling apart.  Doctors would not believe I was ill because I was so healthy.  I understand your search for help and wish you all the luck in the world, but just don't be shocked if it doesn't work.
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