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Anyone have MCTD and Hashimotos Thyroiditis


I'm new to this forum.
After battling Hashimotos for a year , I seem to be better according to my labs. I am a bit healthier, but I still have

Deep painful Muscle aches ( all over , but especially calves they feel tight)
itchy rash, on tip of nose , fingers and toes , heel and knees periodically summer and winter
slight blurry vision / slight pressure on right eye.
vertigo periodically

My RNP levels are at 80 ( ref. range 0-19)
speckled ana of 1:180

no inflammation

no diagnosis yet, but treating me as if I have MCTD...

Therapuetic trial of
Prednisone twice. ----no effect

I've tried Plaquinel for a month
400mg daily (split up am/pm)
no effect.

Same with Gabapentin/ cymbalta.

SO, I'm gonna try plaquinel 400mg for 3-6 months  (after a second eye exam )

Looks like I have to wait a few months ., but if you have any suggestions of books on diets, or good rheumatologists in Chicago please let me know.
Thanks for you r time

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It takes a few months for the Plaquenil to really work. Give it time. I felt some difference after a month, but MUCH improved after 4. Things do still flare up at times. I tried a number of special diet stuff with no effect. I found the food restrictions expensive, time consuming and stressful which did not help my condition. Many swear by AIP diet, peleo and others. Experiment and see what works for you. I aim for organic whole foods and low sugar.

I have recurring Episcleritis in my eyes and it is painful. This last time instead of waiting for it to getting bad and do prednisolone drops from which I seem to get rebound effect, I used Ilevro which is like ibuprofen for the eye. This has worked great the past few times I start to feel an achy pressure in and around my eye. Dr. gave me a few fee samples.

Gabapentin helped with my neurological symtoms but it made me feel doped up. I weaned myself off that as soon as I could. I still have Neuro issues but they are tolerable most of the time.
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Thanks overit4now,

Sorry to hear about the eye pain.

I've been on the plaquenil for 3 months now and no changes. I'm going to keep going for another 3, because I'm scared to take Methotrexate.

Went to a new Rhueamatologist today. Just wanted a second opinion. He is ordering some new labs ( unsure of what they are )

He is ruling out MCTD ( for now) . He checked my finger nail blood vessels. Of which he says are the first signs of Raynauds , which is the first sign of MCTD.
Others that were ruled out :

The aches and pains are my symptoms. In his opinion , until he gets the bloodwork back the only diagnosis he can give me is the symptoms are an after shock from the hashimotos. The stress from it and the stress from my life has caused PTSD.
Oy Vey! smells like ******* ********.

So, I guess thats all I got. Gonna go to the shrink soon. I'm going to try CBT therapy. Oh well , I'm so disappointed , but I've gotta keep moving forward.


P.s. overit4now  : what was your diagnosis? MCTD? how long did it take to diagnose?
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