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Anyone with the same symptoms?

Hi I have been sick for  6months after being admitted with severe left sided abdominal pain and vomiting 6 months ago. Since then I have been extremely sick, here is a summary of my symptoms in order of occurrence, up to fatigue are my everyday symptoms, the rest come and go:

*  severe consistent nausea - especially with bowel movements
* severe heart palpitations & flutter
* stabbing pain on left side and sore rib cage ( I can't sleep on it)
* chest pain
* neck pain
*sore throat 
* constant urge to poo but will only do small amounts sometimes 5 times a day (narrow stools) other days I will do 5 normal amounts but with semi soft stools
* fatigue
* mood swings
* bouts of insomnia that come and go
* entire body aches 
* always feeling hot
* fevers between 37.5 and 38 that come and go for 2 or 4 days and then go away. 
* chills
* sore lymph glands
* sore breasts 
* sensation of chest on fire with nausea
* headaches 
* 12 kilo weight loss
* breathlessness with exertion
* stomach cramps
* slight drooping of right lip and numbness (sometimes)

I have done every test you can name, what could it be?
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There are various causes for left lower abdominal pain. I understand you have undergone several investigations. Please go through this and see if something was missed. Pain and discomfort on the lower left side of abdomen just below and to the left of navel can be due to several causes such as Crohn’s disease, colitis, diverticulitis, infection in kidney, kidney stones, adhesions, polycystic ovary in females, IBS, constipation, and an abscess in rectus abdominis muscle or psoas muscle. Since you do not have a lump or a tender hot spot, in all probability it is not a muscle. It could also be a periumbilical hernia that has got trapped resulting in small bowel obstruction or mesenteric ischemia. There is a possibility that there is a stone in the urinary system. This also causes pain that can be felt in groin and hip area.
Take care!
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Hello dr Mathur, thank you for your suggestions. Sometimes my entire left rib cage feels like there's a heavy sensation of pressure and ache under it alongside the lower left abdomen pain - its just below my rib cage kind if near my belly button. I have a 1cm cyst on my left kidney, I've had an endoscopy that ruled out crohn's, diverticulitis etc.

I havent been checked for a hernia or mesentruc ischemia. I've had several CT scans without contrast because of allergy. The first one showed mesentric abdominal lymph nodes were swollen but since testing again its been normal.

I've also had ultrasounds and many blood tests. I have been having recurring flu like symptoms, fevers and extremely sore throat for 6months now so whatever it is I don't think it's limited to just my stomach. Do you know of any syndrome that could be causing this along with the flu symptoms? Thank you do much! Lena
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Hi everyone, just an update. My blood test showed Anti nuclear antibodies 'detected' and it says screened at a Titre of 80 'speckled'. In my previous blood test 2 months previously there weren't any detected. I'm not sure what this means. My doc didn't mention it to me at all

My tsh is now 0.42 which is just within normal limits and yet, I've lost 3 kilos this week. I've had my heart ultrasound back with 'trivial mitral valve reguirgitation' and an ultrasound of my salivary glands showed some small lymph nodes and intraparotid nodes.

Any thoughts would be great, thank you!
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Just an update for everyone. So apparently I have all the celiac genes (but not celiac) and I just discovered a tiny pea size lump on my sternoclavicular joint near my neck, my doc wasn't concerned but I'm booked in for an ultrasound anyway. Hopefully this might show why I've had a sore throat for more than 6momths although my doctor doesn't think so. I'm Getting a 2nd opinion this weekend.
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Just an update for everyone, I'm doing a 3d ultrasound tomorrow after visiting a gynaecologist he suspects bowel endometriosis. He wants to do a laparoscopy, but I'm not keen on being opened up if he isn't 100% sure. Will a 3d ultrasound show bowel endometriosis? Of the any people they diagnose after laparoscopy, I'd like to know how many end up NOT having the disease? Does anyone have any knowledge about this please? Thank you!
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Hi Lena, I am having a very similar problem. I was wondering if you ever got an answer?
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