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Autoimmune and High Vitamin D levels

Does anyone know how to ask the experts a question?
Or maybe someone may help me with an answer.
My daughter has antibodies for three different autoimmune diseases. Hashimoto , lupus and scleroderma.  Her vitamin D level came back as first test at 100 . second test at 85.  Her doctor was surprised at this given the time of year and she is taking no supplements. He had no answer as to why and had her parathyroid checked that was normal
I think it may be related to her autoimmune condition. I have been doing a lot of research and found some interesting facts... In the autoimmune condition sarcoidosis patients have high vitanim D levels and they form the granulomas that are associated with that condition.    My daughters father had this in his twenties, but the condition resolved on its own as it sometimes does.  My duaghter shows no signs of having this condition.

Also I have been doing a lot of research on people who take antibiotics for autoimmune conditions and it has helped them.
I also found that Vitamin d regulated Cathilicidin which is a naturally occuring broad -spectrum antibiotic.
So I do not know if it would be a fair conclusion to think her body is producing excess vitamin d to try to fight of some underlying bacteria!
If some one may know a way I could ask and expert about this I would apprecitate it!
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