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Autoimmune disorder causing joint and muscle pain, joint damage, abdominal pain?

I have been ill for over a year now. I have constant joint pain (knees, ankles, fingers), muscle aches, chest pain, and abdominal pain. I have had elevated CRP and ESR since the onset, and a CT of my sternum (which is where the pain started) showed degenerative changes to the manubiosternal joint. Labs haven't really found much else (RF negative, ANA negative, anti-CCP negative, celiac negative). NSAIDs do nothing, but steroids have helped, but only on short term trials. After sending me to a bunch of other specialists (who found nothing), Rheumatology has decided I have some kind of autoimmune disease and I have been started on sulfasalazine. Anyone have symptoms like this and been diagnosed as autoimmune? What kind of autoimmune causes these symptoms?
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Have you had HLA-B27 tested?
Yes I have, it was negative
OK. Have you had calcium and PTH tested?
Yes, both fine
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Hello there! Me too suffering from same phase but for 3 months except abdominal pain.Other pain are same like shoulder joint pain alternately on different days.It started from chest pain.I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.Taking Methotrexate and HCQ 200.Pain killers from one month i have taken but then stopped it i was fine for sometime then chest pain again started again that too irresistible.I am having appointment with rheumatologist after 10 days.But i can't bear this pain i can't sleep at night.Sitting the whole day whole night hurts me alot.I am 29.I can't withstand this pain.Itz time for me to do something for my family and friends i haven't enjoyed my life just started and i felt so sick and ill.It hurts me.
How did you get diagnosed?
I had a test of Antigen Antibody and went to a rheumatologist.Discussed my all problems then he concluded it as SLE Systematic Lupus Erythromatus mostly affecting my lungs and blood.
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Yes i had an Antigen Antibody test and went to rheumatologist after discussing all my problems from starting he concluded it as SLE Systematic Lupus Erythromatus especially affecting my lungs and blood.Now i have started a fully vegan and timely diet with exercise.I have read articles of reversing SLE.so i am ready to give myself a chance to reverse this disease althoug in modern medicine there is no cure but i know everything is possible if we decide with determination.
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