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Autoimmune problems with ears & eyes

I have been diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis & AI Biliary Cirrhosis.  I am on meds for this & many of my problems have been taken care of (extreme hair loss, extreme itching, rash, pain in upper right abdomen).  I was on a steroid but have been off of it for 2 months & am gaining weight, feel sick  a lot of the time, my ears hurt most of the time, my eye sight & hearing seem to keep getting worse (just got glasses 1 1/2 months ago & they already don't seem strong enough), lots of body aches...especially when I am sitting or laying down for longer times, plus I am tired ALL of the time & don't have much energy.

I just went to an endocrinologist who ran thyroid & adrenal testing that came back normal.  

I am wondering if I might have Lupus.  I have had extensive blood work done but do not see an ANA test.  

Does anyone have any thoughts on this with the symptoms I have?
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Yes pattyk54151.

Get Free T3, Free T4 and reverse T3 tests done asap.
These tests will reveal thyroid function accurately, not just circulating levels!
Even if you must pay out of pocket, this is too important, not to have it done.
You will not improve, should your thyroid function be low, as cell healing and repair -not to mention a gazillion bodily functions- all depend on thyroid function for energy.
Try Dr Barnes Basal Temperature Test on your own, if you want. Follow the simple online instructions precisely, to get an accurate picture of your thyroid function (barring any infections, which may cause fever).

Adrenal stress is another controversial topic.
Consider saliva testing-visit BioHealth's website and check their "Adrenal
Stress Profile" saliva test - # BH 201, FYI (not an endorsement necessarily,
however, I've found them to be accurate , efficient and professional)
You need a professional health practitioner to order this for you.
Conventional endocrinology does not recognize adrenal stress, until it becomes a crisis. Your results probably indicated total cortisol levels and not free levels, right? And did you get 4x cortisol tested-very important
to verify cortisol follows the circadian rhythm-am highest, early pm lower,
evening even lower and night lowest.
Adrenal stress would likely cause secondary hypothyroid, for adrenal recovery, so treatment is very delicate. Conventional Doctors, IDN!
It's best if you consult with a Holistic, Functional Medicine or Naturopathic Doctor, to avoid potential complications.

Hope this helps, however, my suggestions are not intended to replace medical advice.

Best wishes.
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This is a study Autoimmune hepatitis/primary biliary cirrhosis overlap syndrome and associated extrahepatic autoimmune diseases - Eur J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2012 May;24(5):531-4...

To assess the prevalence of concurrent extrahepatic autoimmune diseases in patients with autoimmune hepatitis (AIH)/primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) overlap syndrome and applicability of the 'mosaic of autoimmunity' in these patients.

The medical data of 71 AIH/PBC overlap patients were evaluated for associated autoimmune diseases.

In the study population, 31 (43.6%) patients had extrahepatic autoimmune diseases, including autoimmune thyroid diseases (13 patients, 18.3%), Sjögren syndrome (six patients, 8.4%), celiac disease (three patients, 4.2%), psoriasis (three patients, 4.2%), rheumatoid arthritis (three patients, 4.2%), vitiligo (two patients, 2.8%), and systemic lupus erythematosus (two patients, 2.8%). Autoimmune hemolytic anemia, antiphospholipid syndrome, multiple sclerosis, membranous glomerulonephritis, sarcoidosis, systemic sclerosis, and temporal arteritis were identified in one patient each (1.4%). A total of 181 autoimmune disease diagnoses were found in our patients. Among them, 40 patients (56.4%) had two, 23 (32.3%) had three, and eight (11.3%) had four diagnosed autoimmune diseases.

A large number of autoimmune diseases were associated with AIH/PBC overlap patients. Therefore, extended screening for existing autoimmune diseases during the routine assessment of these patients is recommended. Our study suggests that the concept of 'mosaic of autoimmunity' is a valid clinical entity that is applicable to patients with AIH/PBC overlap syndrome."
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