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For the last two years I have been experiencig major health problems.  In January of 2006, I started having these tingling sensations in my right leg.  My leg would also feel as though it was asleep, at first, this would occur on a daily basis and last for an hour or two.  This continued throughout the rest of January and most of February.  In February the symptoms worsened, it felt like it was asleep all day, every day.  Unsure what could be causing this, I made a trip to my PCP.  He began to check my ability to feel sensations by poking me with his medical Q-tip (one side sharp, the other flat and dull).  On the right side I was unable to distinguish between the two items, and had a little difficulty on my right side (very slightly though).  He immediately sent me to a Neurologist, afraid that I may have had MS (Multiple Sclerosis or SLE (Systemic Lupus).

To make a long story short here are my symptoms:

*Burning pain (in muscles) – moderate to severe, lately severe
*Stiffness          *Swelling            *Fatigue         *Malaise        *Depression           *Headaches *Irritability
*Anxiousness    *Weakness       *Urinary Retention
*Tingling Sensations (allodynias)  – for example during bathing, walking, sitting...anytime my leg is near movement or I put pressure on it, worse with my right side, and also present in my head.
*Major Cramps and Spasms
*Dysesthia – I can get cut, scratched etc, and not feel any pain, that is unless I see it
*Chronic Urinary Tract Infections
*Back pain with movement                     *Extreme fatigue in muscles & extremities
*Decreased memory, coordination, judgment & attention span
*Difficulty walking, esp. for more than 15 to 20 feet
*Light & Heat Sensitivity (Esp. Sun) *Increased Sensitivity to touch
*Mouth ulcers                                            *Inability to handle stress (brings on or worsens symptoms)
*Hyperreflexic Reflexes                              *Abnormal Babinski Reflex
*Body can feel heat or burning without any apparent heat near body,
*Extra tension in arms and legs with usage  * chronic indigestion
*Heaviness in the trunk of my back.             *Decreased Muscular Control
*Tachycardia                                             *Chronic Maxillary Sinusitis
*Extreme burning pain in chest cavity

A year ago my PCP checked my reflexes and my ability to feel sensations again.  This time he  noticed in one of my knees I had hyperreflexia, in the other I believe he said hyporeflexia..When checking the reflexes of my elbow, he noticed that one hand moved slightly (the thumb did not), and the other one did not. He also noted an abnormal Babinski Reflex in my right leg only...T he also took something (I really cannot remember what it was) and stuck me several times, he wanted me to nod when I felt it...In some areas I couldn't feel it at all, he actually had to tell me when he was sticking me (he said he literally was piercing my skin), in other areas I barely felt it, and in others I clearly felt it...He said that it was definetly lateralized, but was still unsure what the culprit could be.

In the last two years I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Hypermobility Syndrome, Myoclonus, Neuropathy, Cervical Spinal Stenosis, Early Mild Disc Degenerative Disease, Early Mild Disc Desiccation, Kyphosis, Scoliosis, Osteopenia, & a B-12/Iron Deficiency, Anemia, Intractable Migraines, Tension Headaches, Anxiety Disorder, Chronic Rhinitis, Displacement of Lumbar Intervetable Disc without Myelopathy, Neurasthenia, and Partial Epilepsy.

Curent medications are
Naproxen 2 -- 500 mg tablets daily
Corgard 1 – 40 mg tablet daily
Phenergan 1 – 25 mg tablet every 4 hours as needed for nausea
Compazine 1 -- 10 mg daily
Nortriptyline 3 – 25 mg tablets at night
Provigil 2 – 200 mg tablet daily
Zanaflex 8 – 4 mg tablets daily
Lasix 1 – 40 mg tablet daily
Potassium 1 – 10 meq tablet twice daily
Tranxene 1 – 3.75 mg three times daily as needed for anxiety
Zyrtec 1 – 10 mg tablet daily
Skelaxin 1 – 800 mg tablet three times daily
Lortab (Hydrocodone /APAP) 1 (5 /500 mg) tablet every 4 hours as needed
Intramuscular B-12 Once Monthly
Maxalt 1 -- 10 mg tablet as needed
Medrol Dos pack -- (only used when my migraines begin coming as clusters -- has me on a maintenance dose with refills available at pharmacy)
Lortab 1 -- 5/500 mg tablet needed for pain
I have also been prescribed a TENS unit by Empi, Pool Therapy and complete Physical Therapy.  I use the TENS unit religiously. It helps somewhat, not as much as I hoped.

Because of recent bloodwork (CMP, CBC) and UAs, my Rheumatologist has decided that it may be necessary to begin testing for Systemic Lupus again.  

My questions are as follows:

What is Neurasthenia, on June 25th of this year, my doctor diagnosed me with this?  It is really hard to find information on this condition, it seems as though it is not used very often in modern medicine.

What conditions could be causing some of these issues?  My Pain Management Specialist agreed with all my current diagnoses after reviewing my medical history supplied by my other physicians, but said that she believes more conditions and diseases are present.

Also could exposure to excessive mold and mildew cause some of my symptoms and or conditions?  I began working at our local school three years ago, and began staying sick from colds, sinus infections, bronchitis, pneumonitis, and mononucleosis.

My Neurologist had me doing lots of different tests, checking balance, my reflexes while I sat up, and my reflexes while I laid down. Noticing that I was unable to feel when he would hit my knee, legs while trying to get a reflex. He also noticed that I had a positive Babinski reflex only on my right side. My General Practitioner administered the same test and got the same results. WHAT IS THE IMPORTANCE OF ME HAVING THAT REFLEX?

I was also diagnosed with Lyme Disease in January of this year, after a year of constant suffering.  At onset the yme Disease had already causd some Neurological issues, according to my doctors.  I am barely able to touch my right leg and foot, without a harsh electrical like sensation racing up my leg.  Do you think this could be reversed?  Also over the last year, For the past year I have suffered from a burning pain in my chest cavity, scared of what he might tell me, I have yet to divulge that information.  At my last two appointments he noticed that not only did my pulse stay above 115 with medication, but he also noticed a weird sound or rattling in my chest.  Could this be serious?

Thanks to all of you that respond to this message.  I am in desperate need for advice from either other sufferers or members of the medical community.
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It sounds like you have heavy metal toxicity and a bad candida infection. Please search for my other posts to read about it and then message me if you want more info.
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It seems to me that I did see something about abnormal Babinski reflex and ALS (also known as Lou Gheriig's disease.)  You might want to read up on that and see if the symptoms match yours.
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