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Blood Counts

I have been diagnosed with UCTD and Fibromyalgia and am in the care of a Rheumatologist and my PCP. I take injections of 20mg Methotrexate with folic acid. I have to do blood work every other month because of the Methotrexate. I have noticed for the last two labs I have had a high WBC count of 13, slightly elevated neutrophils, and Platelet levels high at 503. I have lab work going back into 2012 where my platelets have been high but usually have stayed around 440 and have just recently started to rise even more. I have also had a urinalysis recently showing protein so we are keeping a watch on that and if gets worse my rheumy told me she will send me to a Nephrologist. Neither my PCP or my Rheumy seem to be too concerned about my abnormal labs. I was told they are "stable". I thought the worry with Methotrexate was that it would lower you blood counts not make them rise! I don't drink at all and have not had any recent infections or even a cold. I asked another forum and some of the doctors said that yes I should be concerned about the findings and to see a Hematologist while others said it was no big deal and nothing to worry about. I don't know whether to push the issue or leave it alone. There has to be a reason for my counts being off.
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