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Burkitt's lymphoma

In 1991 I was diagnosed with chronic epstein barr virus.  Over the years my biggest complaint has been fatique, extreme pain in my joints (a severe stiffness that occurs whenever I move from one position that I have been in for anymore than 3 minutes to another position.  Mostly in my arms, neck and behind my knees (causing me to collapse from  pain when I stand from sitting).   Over the years I have been diagnosed with several different autoimmune disorders including; lupus (endocrinologist diagnoses and confirmed by the U of M), Fibromyalgia, connective tissue disease.  Lately,  I have  been experiencing severe fatigue, I am very unfocused, I have lost 10 pounds despite eating more,  I sweat at night (I have done this since 1989 when the chronic pain came on suddenly).  I do have a history of cancer in my family and.  I had a CA125 test done and it was at 11.    Does that mean that I have the gene.  I don't understand.j  If I have a CA125 does that mean that I am more susseptible? to ovarian cancer.  Anyway,  I have been so frustrated over the years as you can well imagine.    I have nodules on the side of my hand below each thumb and extreme pain if my thumb is spread or moved backwards.  I also have an enlarged muscle on my forearm by my elbow and alot of pain if I keep my arm in a position fo any amount of time.  Does anybody know what might be causing the siffness and pain in my joints.  Whenever I accidently bump into anything the pain from the contact to my bone is so extreme and lasts much longer than it should.  I also bruise alot for no reason.  Thank you for your help.  
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I do not have the same symptoms as you, but I can't help but to comment on your post. I was watching Mystery Diagnosis on TV last night and saw what kind of sounds like what you are going through. It is called Undifferentiated Seronegative Spondyloarthropathy. I am not saying that it is what you have, but you should check it out. Here is a link to an article I found http://www.emedicine.com/med/topic2700.htm. You just have to copy and paste it at the top of your screen. I think it might help some. The girl telling her story last night complained of fatigue, stiff and painful joints, weight loss, and swollen knee. At one point she hit her elbow that was locked up and she had really bad pain just from bumping it. You should really ask a rheumatologist to test you for this.  Hope this helps!
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