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CREST Syndrome-Raynaud's phenomenon

Hi, My mom has CREST syndrome otherwise known as Limited Scleroderma and she gets the typical symptom of Raynaud's phenomenon of very cold finger tips that turn white at times. But in addition to that, her finger tips get all these tiny cuts in them especially along the sides of the finger nail, and sometimes a whitish pus comes out. Her fingers are not ulcerated at all, she is in her late 50's and it is just occasional whitish liq. that she can ***** with a needle.

All her doctor has told her to do is keep her fingers heavily moisturized daily and use liquid bandaid on the cuts. The alternative to liq. bandaid was super glue and my mom didn't seem to like it when she tried it (and liq. ban can be expensive).

I haven't found anything online about Raynaud's phenomenon/CREST sufferers getting the tiny cuts and whitish ooze. Just about serious ulcers, serious pus, and needing med treatment for gangrene.

I was wondering why she gets the cuts and the ooze and if anything can be done as a preventative measure?

Maybe she isn't using enough of or the right kind of lotion? Or she also washes her hands a lot which can be hard on skin. My mom does play the piano everyday, so perhaps this contributes to getting the cuts.
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