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Hi, I have Hashimoto's but earlier on this morning I was woken up by an excruciating pain in my left lower abdomen, back and groin. It hurt to sit up, lie down, even stand up straight. Since I felt too unwell to go back to sleep I stayed up and it was only when I went for a pee that the pain died down. Is it possible it could be a kidney stone? And not only that, but could it be CVID (Common Variable Immunodeficiency)?

I have had episodes of possible kidney stones before but it didn't register to me that straight after peeing the pain went away because during those times I was constipated and presumed the pain was from being constipated. But when this recent episode of pain was of the same type and intensity as well as duration it then dawned on me that it could be a kidney stone/infection.

I sent a sample to my doctor practice for testing but I've heard nothing yet. I'm wondering if it's worth mentioning this to my doctor especially since I have an autoimmune condition and that my antibodies for TPO have risen over the past few months which suggests to me that my immune system is not keeping up with the autoimmune attacks. I think it's CVID because:

* I have also been getting sore throats, dry eyes, blocked nose, fungal infections and lots of itchy vaginal discharge.
* I get recurring urinary tract infections that aren't helped by antibiotics or drinking more water.
* Enteropathy - abdominal cramps, constipation, diarrhoea, malabsorption and weight loss despite going gluten and dairy free.
* Tenderness in groin and I'm sure the lymph glands in the groin (on both sides) have gotten larger and more painful.

Would my doctor need to know about all of this or is this something that the vitamin supplements I take can resolve? I haven't been on them for long but ever since I have been on them these problems have cropped up.

Thanks. :)
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I can't comment on the pain or possible kidney stone. But if you think you have CVID I can recommend the web-site and support group of the IDF.
(Immune deficiency foundation.) Their site is www.primaryimmune.org.
There is lots of free info at their site. The people are great if you call, and they will send free info. Also they have a referral line where they can suggest an immunologist in your area. They started in the US but have places around the world. They can suggest testing, and or treatment to rule CVID out or in.

Good luck,
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