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Causes of autoimmune?>

anyone done research in this area?
I read, while on vacation in the Smokey Mountains two books..
Fasting and Healing For Health and
The China Study...
both authors have LARGE AMOUNTS of documentation about ANIMAL protein (especially COWS MILK) and it's role in causing autoimmune diseases.

Anyone else reading or doing research on the causes? what are you finding? what are you eliminating from your diet? what changes are you making?
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Fasting is one of the things I do.  Hippocrates the father of western medicine refers to fasting as "the greatest remedy the phsician from within".  I try to do vegetable and fruit juice fast 2 days a week.  Allows the body time to heal itself since doesn't have to waste energy on the digesting of food.  Fasting is observed in the animal kingdom.  When an animal gets sick it refuses to eat.  Just drinks alot of water and rest allowing the body to heal itself.  Elson M. Haas M.D. has an excellent article on the web explaining fasting.  You might want to read it.  

As far as the protein issue.  Protein is acidic and if you want to be disease free you need to keep the body alkaline.  Disease cannot grow in an alkaline enviroment.  Biomedx has an excellent article called How You Rot & Rust.  It is based on the idea that you need to keep the body PH alkaline by eating mostly raw fruits and vegetables which give the body the vitamins and minerals it needs to keep the body PH alkaline.  Things like sugar, protein, drugs and artifical foods are acidic.  If you eat too much of these acidic foods your body will have to rob the minerals from itself to adjust the PH.  That is why we see things like osteoporsis.  You can buy PH paper on line and check your PH so you can keep track of your PH.  Glad you are back.
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What they are finding in patients who have these syndromes and autoimmune diseases is high frequencies of bacterial and viral infections. And not to mention.... heavy metal poisoning, yeast problems and parasite infections in many patients. Fortunately these infections can be identified and treated... some of the success stories are amazing (google The Roadback Foundation and read testimonials).

For additional information, visit Prof. Garth Nicolson's website  --- http://www.immed.org

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Thanks for the info gals.
I'm always learning..and I'm going to check out the RoadBack Foundation...I FEED on success stories.

I'm also getting my mercury/amalgam fillings replaced one at a time.

I am convinced that I am going to do whatever it takes to heal my body.  It may take some time, but I'm ok with that.

Listening right now to Dr.Mercola's new interview with Charlie Brown about mercury poisoning.  Good stuff.

I think I will begin the fasting on Sunday's and just have water/fresh juice.  Begin there.

Enjoy your day!
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Viral or bacterial infections can sometimes be the culprit, commomly upper respiratory and urological infections, have been followed with autoimmune issues. Chemical and environmental issues are next, such as amalgam fillings, etc.. exposure to chemicals. Genetics play a key role in autoimmune disease, a relative with arthritis, etc., can be add to your risk factors. Knowing the health history of your Mother, Father, brothers and sisters is key to assisting doctors.
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I agree with you that viral and bacterial infections can be associated with autoimmune issues.  I was experiencing bronchitis every year for the last three years of my illness. Every fall around August I would get bronchitis.   Each time I went to the doctor he was puzzeled because bronchitis is suppose to be a smokers disease and I hadn't smoked for 20years.  Later I found out one of the sympthoms of mercury posioning is bronchitis.  Guess wheither you get the toxins from cigeratte smoke are mercury fillings it doesn't matter.  These toxins go to the weak points in the body and allow these virus and bacteria to attach you.  Think the key is to keep your body as healthy as you can is through diet and avoiding as many of the toxins as you can.  I never expected to feel as good as I do but think the healthy diet is the key.  
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Would an infection register on a White Blood Cell count? had that done Monday and white blood cell count is great  ( within normal ranges).

One thing about me is i am NEVER sick.  I do drink MonaVie and I am on Ambertose ( quite a large dose of it) and I am never sick, even when the kids are sick I don't get it.  The last time I even had a cold was 5 years ago and the last time I was sick was due to food poisoning at a football game 4 years ago.  My IMMUNE system is NOT lowered with having the autoimmune issues, which a lot of articles reference..they say your immune system is lowered and you get sick a lot..not in my case anyway.

Here is a question I have been asking myself IS protein acidic if it comes from an organic source?  where are the studies that say it is acidic in ORGANIC sources?  This question was raised on another board about how the studies that have been conducted on animal protein are from "regular" cows..etc.  that have been fed antibiotics and herbacide covered grain etc.  How do we know that ALL protein is acidic if the studies have not been done on ORGANIC meat.

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Protein is acidic no matter what soarce it comes from.  Certain forms of protein are less acidic.  Fish is less than chicken and turkey which is less than beef and pork.  Protein is converted into strong acids by the body during digestion, leaching minerals out of the body in order to maintain the proper PH.  From what I have read acidity is determine by the ash of the food.  Lemons are alkaline even though they show acidity before digestion.  It is not what the food is before digestion but what it is after digestion.  After the food is digested, the body must deal with the acidity.  There are tables which tell you which foods are more acidic.  If you google Body PH you can see which foods are more acidic.  It is recommended that you try and keep your food intake to 80% alkaline if you are concerned about acidity of your body.  These levels can be checked with PH paper so you can tell what is your number.  Things like fish, beans, chicken, turkey, vension, and wheat have been check and show acidity to some degree.  Wheither organic meat has been tested I do not know.  Haven't seen anything suggesting that organic meat or organic sugar is any better for you than non organic when it comes to PH.    
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just heard on Dr. Joel Fuhrman's DVD last night that the body gets protein from itself!  And there is no need to combine the right kinds of foods to get a "complete protein".

My antibody numbers are coming down!  Whoo hooo.  I am so excited.

My Naturopath says it is due to several things..but i think my FOOD choices and having these damn mercury/amalgam fillings replaced is KEY!

pH is an interesting thing...I use lemons in my green smoothies and that seems to keep my pH right at a 7 or a 7.5  I use to test all the time..now I think I'm doing pretty good.
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I hate to be the one that is always countering your posts. But.... once again your information is wrong. Proteins are not all acidic. Where did you get that from??? lol.  Proteins can be both acidic and basic. Proteins are broken down mostly into amino acids which are the building blocks of life. It is needed by our bodies to make muscle, skin, hair and internal organs. Protein travels around the body in blood as hormones, red blood cells and enzymes. Consuming protein is the ONLY way to get nitrogen which is made up of chains of amino acid and there are 22 amino acids, eight of these acids are called the essential amino acids because our bodies cannot make them we must get them from our diet.

In addition, sugar is NOT acidic. And if you are not supposed to be having sugars, then why are you drinking fruit juice???? Maybe what you meant was refined sugars and processed foods?  Also weren't you advocating the Paleo diet a few days ago? I read a bunch about it because i was interested and MEAT and seafood are a huge part of that diet........

"disease cannot grow in an alkaline environment." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????? again,  where did you come of with that? My understanding is it is just as bad to be overly alkaline as it is basic.
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EDIT i meant to write.... "It is my understanding that it is just as bad to be overly alkaline as it is overly acidic."
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Google "Body PH" and you will get the information I base my statement that protein is acidic.  Sugar is also acidic and most people in western society are too acidic.  You can purchase Ph paper to determine how acidic you are.  Everything I have read supports the fact that disease grows in and acidic enviroment and it is important to control your bodies chemistry by adjusting the diet.  We are all different and I cannot say what is right for you but in my case I was eating too much protein and sugar and have adjusted my diet to keep my PH around 7 which is neutral.  Would like to be more alkaline but in todays enviroment it is really hard.  When eatilng out the choices you have are very limited.  I am not suggesting you do not eat protein because the body needs protein.  I am saying if you get too much protein it is hard on the body and the liver has a tough time dealing with it.  The body may have to rob calcium from the bones in order to deal with the acid and this can result in osteoporosis.  

I think you are misrepresenting the Paleo diet.  The Paleo Diet as I understand it does not say "Meat and seafood are a huge part of the diet".  The diet consist of lean meat, seafood and fruits and vegetables.  Think we should determine for ourselves what the correct ratio between the lean meats and fruits and vegetables should be.  The diet is an attempt to eat things which the earlier people ate before agriculture and domestication of animals.  This was a time where these neurological diseases were non existant.  These people did not eat cattle which have been fed steroids to make them grow bigger or produce more milk.  Think they were eating animals which were grazing on land which had not been contaminated by pesticides.   The fish were swimming in oceans not poluted with mercury and other heavy metals.  When I choose the fish I eat I stick with the salmon and cod since the FDA numbers seem to show these to be the safest.  I have not given up eating protein but have limited the type and amount I eat.  Try to stay with the turkey and chicken breast which appear to be less acidic than beef and pork.  The acidity of protien is not the same.  Some protein is less acidic than others according to the information I have seen.

Think your husband is very wise in using Spirulina which is a super food.  I take it myself but I use a capsule form so can't tell you about the taste.  Algea is where life starts.  The fish eat the algea you eat the fish.  For me eating mostly fresh fruits and vegetables is the answer.  Many of the health problems we are seeing today are related to the diet we eat.  Often the body can repair itself if you give it what it needs.  We all must decide for ourselves what path to take but it is important that we have the information so we can make a wise decision.      
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I'm a person of logic, if our own cells attack us, then it must be getting the wrong signals from the brain.   Personally I think this it due to long term subclinical infections (either viral or bacterial).   I doubt you can link any food directly to AI, but certain foods weakens us, and opens up the door to disease.  Usually only 2 ways to get sick, either getting too much of something (toxins) or too little (malnutrition, vitamin and mineral deficiency).  my 2 cents.
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I have a different theory as to why the immune system attacks itself.  It could be doing what it is suppose to do which is attack foreign substance in the body.  Like when someone gets an organ transplant and the doctors has to give them drugs to suppress their immune system.  If they were not given the drugs to suppress their immune system it would attack the new organ.  When you get things such as mercury, lead, arsenic, pesticides, viruses and any number of these substances in your cells which don't belong there the body see these things as foreign and attacks them.  Getting healthy for me involved attempting to identify the foreign substances and get them out of my body.  The way to get these things out of the body is by eating fruits and vegetables which have the vitamins and minerals necessary for the body to get rid of these toxins.  I also get help from various supplements which were designed to get the mercury out of my body.  My problem was due to the many amalgam fillings and root canals I had in my mouth.  Other things can cause problems since seems these toxins are everywhere.  To name a few eating the wrong kind of fish, vaccinations, living in a city with bad air pollution, drinking bad water,  eating hydrogentated oils, smoking, taking drugs, process foods, and personel hygiene products.

The theory of eating properly to give you good health is not new.  Hippocrates the father of western medicine said "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food".  He understood good health was all about what you put in your body.  If you believe the Bible in Leviticus Chap 11 Moses told his people what they could eat.  The pig is not good to eat since it is toxic.  If you believe in the Koran, Mohammed told his followers the pig was toxic.  There is scientific evidence showing the pig is toxic.  The pig is toxic and Moses and Mohammed knew what they were talking about.  Google "toxic pork" and you will see what I am talking about.  There is a reason they call it swine flu.  We have ignored what many of the ancient people knew and that is why many of us are sick.  

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Oh, I agree with you there.   It's foreign substances that make us ill, no doubt about it.  After all, there is only one disease really, sick cells.   These days its virtually impossible to stay clear of toxins, so all we can do is guard ourselves as best as possible.   I just wish someone taught me this years ago, perhaps I'd be healthy today.  I'm not sure my problem is linked to my fillings (or that one root canal I had due to a necrosis from impact, not infection).   Won't rule out anything thou... but for sure, the way to fix it is to get rid of it, and let the body do it's thing.  
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Just went to the dentist yesterday to drill out my silver fillings. I don't know the name of what he replaced it with. I just know the color matches my teeth. Could this be an "amalgam" filling? Can someone explain to me what it is?
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western medicine is good at fixing damage done by parasites yet never adress them,it would be bad for the industry
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I think most countries in the world (don't know about US), have outlawed the use of mercury in cavity fillings.   Normally a mercury filling would be silver, not white.   I'm not sure what they use these days, i think synthetic porcelen (which ain't all glory either).  Perhaps we're just meant to remove teeth with cavities (after all, what did they do before dentists existed :)

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Amalgam fillings have a silver color.  Silver fillings is a misleading term.  The composition of an amalgam filling is 50% mercury, 30% copper, 14% tin, 14% silver, and 1% zinc.  Mercury is a liquid at room temperature so adding this metal to the other metals lowers the viscosity and allows the dentist to work with it.  If it is tooth colored it is a composite filling.  These are epoxy based resins which are being used to replace the amalgams.  These fillings are more expensive because they are more time comsuming and harder to work with.  Problems with these fillings can be shrinkage and wear resistance.  How safe they are who knows but they do not have the mercury in them and mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive metal.  Studies have been done showing how the mercury in amalgam fillings travel throughout the body and accumulates in different organs in the body.  There are scientic instruments which can measure the amount of mercury given off by these fillings and the amount given off exceeds what the government recommends as a safe level.  Some of the Scandanavian countries and I believe Germany have outlawed the use of amalgams but they are still the filling of choice in the USA.          
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Autoimune reasons:

Have any of you read about the Marshall Protocoll that kills pathogens thought to be the reason behind all autoimmune diseases?

And what does bacteria and yeast thrive on that westerners consume in abundance? Refined sugars, corn syrup ect. Is this why westerners have more autoimmune issues than the rest of the world?
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In two books I've been reading..The China Study and in Fasting and Eating for Health..they link animal protein to damage done to the intestinal wall..this leads to leaky gut syndrome which allows undigested proteins to enter the blood stream..because almost everybody eats their food s cooked which kills the digestive enzymes that break down the proteins into recognizable peices...the ones that go unrecognized by the body ( even though they aren't harmful) begin the process of an over active immune system.

I have been off fast food and caffeine ( including all soda) for 28 days now..no cheating..and have been off all animal products for a week and a day...I've been eating differently for 33 days now and I just had another BALANCE done at my doctors office ( google ZYTO or EVOX and get more information on what a balance is) and I'm really close to being perfect...something I'm doing is working..finally...I've lost 30 pounds too in the last 4 months...I'm beginning to feel better...the detox and withdrawal from the bad food the SAD diet is tough and no stroll in the park, but I'm coming out of it and I am never going back to eating that way.

I'm following Dr. Fuhrman's 6 week plan..getting off the animal products for just 6 weeks to give the gut lining time to heal and hopefully "correct" the autoimmune issue.  I'm doing a lot more than just that though.

You can follow my health blog at www.thoughts.com/fancypantsandme

Finally I think I have a handle on my health.
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Have you read anything concerning sprouting?  It is my understanding that sprouts can supply the digestive enzymes that the body needs.  Sprouts are live food and have more of the nutrients released.  I sprout beans, lentils, alpalfa and brocolli.  You can also buy sprouts at the grocery store.  Put them in my salads.
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I have read some on sprouting.  Wheat grass is not something I am going to be trying anytime soon as Douglas Grahmn says it is just as bad as wheat.  I have a sprouter just have not yet ventured that way yet.  I know you can just sprout them on the counter ;-)  What is the best book that you have come across that you would recommend to me and others on sprouting?

Thanks a bunch!
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The Sprouting Book by Ann Wigmore is the one I used.  Sprouting is not that difficult.  Get a jar and soak your seeds overnight.  In the morning drain the jar and cover it with a paper towel.  Using a rubber band to secure the towel over the mouth of the jar and turn the jar upside down on an angle so it can get air and drain.  RInse the seeds twice a day.  If you try this with lentiles think you will be surprise with your results.  After 6 or 7 days you will have some nice looking sprouts.   This is live food with more vitamins and enzymes than you get with the mature vegetable.   You can buy the lentiles at WalMart.  I found my Alfalfa and Broccoli seeds for sprouting on line at Mountainroseherbs.com..  
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