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Combination of Issues

I have SLE and Fibromyalgia.  I take Norco, Plaquinel and Nuvigil.

My DVT blood test came back high.  (518) and my ALT is six times the normal.  I feel terrible, but the doctors don't seem to care.
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Are you sure you are on the right forum?  This is a forum about addiction and substance abuse.

Good luck to you!  I hope you feel better.
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no this is auto immune forum.....
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Hello and welcome to medhelp.

Is DVT (deep vein thrombosis)?  

Elevated ALT - are seen in mononucleosis, alcoholism, liver damage, kidney infection, cheical ossutants, or myocardial infarction (heart attack)

I know drs. look at the whole picture and when other indicators are not elevated as well, they don't know what to conclude.

You say you feel terrible, could you describe that further?

you are in my prayers, Kara.
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I am exhausted, a fatigue that is ten times worse than the usual SLE/Fibro.  I'm mentally out of sorts, with poor memory and concentration.  My right side aches, all the way into my back.  I have a horrible headache, and I'm shaking all the time, trembling and dropping things.

I feel like death warmed over.  My new blood panel has the ALT dropped, but still four times the high norm, and my bilirubin is rising.
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Have you gotten tested for MS?
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