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Confused on symptoms

Hello Dr Nicolson,

I am a 43 yr old Female. I have had a rash over my cheeks nose and forehead for overa yr now. It is red and gets scales over it.
I have horrible fatigue, headaches, I freeze all the time. My hands and feet are like ice cubes.
i sometimes get sores in my mouth and nose.
I exhaust easily. Sometimes have shortness of breath.
My fingers swell and have pain that shoots through them. I also notice pains through out muscles sparatic.
I sometimes have swelling in both my legs.
I bruise easily. I notice that I have alot of hair on my clothes and in my hairbrush.
My vision is getting blurred.
I have bouts of depression and problems remembering what I start to do.
I have livedo reticularis. And last week was told I have Rosacea and Seborrheic dermatitis  because of my facial rash that scales.

I have had some blood work done and so far all it shows is a RF factor of 24 and a SED rate of 0.

WBC 7.00
RBC 4.79
Hgb 14.9
Hct 44.1
Platelet 246
Glucose 101
ANA negative

I am being treated with Doxycycline 100 mg 1x daily
Topicort cream
and am taking multi vitamin and b complex with b12
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Just a thought.  Have you had your thyroid tested?  Sometimes a lot of the symptoms you describe can be related to the thyroid (usually low thyroid).  It would be worth getting tested. Also, sometimes even if you test negative for an ANA, you could still have an auto immune thing going on. Sometimes it takes time to finally get a diagnosis. If one doctor can't help you then it's time to move on until you find one that's willing to dig for answers.
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Hey, yes i have gotten my thyroid tested many times and it has been normal. I am not 100% that when they were testing me for Acute Intermittent Porphyira they did an ANA since that is one of the tests for AIP, i have had a 24 hour urin porhpyria test done and the first one came back exposed to light, and then i did three more not during an attack that came back negative....for the ANA test do you have to be in an attack or will can you test at any given time... I have seen numerous doctors and i keep getting blown off. I am from Saskatchewan, so i have seen 2 internal specialists in Regina, and several gastrointologists in Regina and Moose Jaw and i have gotten no answers. My mom wants to find a specialist in Saskatoon, and if nothing there then we are going out of province to Calgary or Edmonton. I have a friend of my moms who has been diagnosed with a few autoimmune disorders and could not get answers in canada so she went to the states, so she will be setting up a fundraiser to help pay for me to go into the states and get help if i need too.
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I had my thyroid tests done and they showed normal.
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