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Could I have Adult Onset Stills Disease without having a high Ferritin level?

My symptoms seem to be the main symptoms of Stills Disease, except I have normal Ferritin Levels. I have fevers that come in the late afternoon to evening time frame.  The fevers are sometimes accompanied by pain and warmth in my knuckles and back of my hands - the pain is more apt to show the higher my temperature goes. When my temperature was up to 104 I also felt mild pain in my ankles and the bottom of my feet.  As my temperature goes up I may start coughing which gets worse as my temperature increases.  I have not noticed anything I would consider a rash, although there are few spots on my body that may be more pink than normal.  My Ferritin reading a few weeks ago was 135 ng/mL.  My Iron is low, but my saturation is normal.  When I have looked for conditions with similar symptoms, the only thing that I have found that specifically states fevers in the evening only is Stills Disease, thus I am suspicious that that is what I have.  However, I suspect that there must be other conditions that have fevers present in the same way. I have had a Pet Scan that shows I have a lot of lymph nodes that are enlarged.

Perhaps with no relationship to my current trouble, but four or five times in the last 25 years I have had undiagnosed fevers - the earliest one ended with a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which affected me severely for about 4 months, but seemed to be completely beat (all my energy back) in about 2 years. (I am now suspicious that it was not really Chronic Fatigue). All of the other times seemed to have self resolved in two or three weeks.  My current episode has been going on for six weeks with my temperature in the 5th week staying below 100 making me think it was self resolving again, with my body saying this past week, "just kidding" - although I have recorded my highest temperature (over 104), I have not had a fever every night.

Thanks for your help!
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I didn't think to mention that I have high readings for IGg4, CRP, and ESR.
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