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Could it be scleroderma?

I am a 33 years old man and I have had achalasia  for several years and have had two dialations for treatment. I have recently been diagnosised with POTS (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome), my heart rate goes from 75 beats per minute laying down to 130 when standing up and this occures in seconds of changing to a standing position and I have high blood pressure. I also have low body tempature and at night it drops to about 96.5 and during the day it is around 97.7.  I also have been diagnosied with ostiopinia in my hip and back with low vitiman D.  I am extremely fatigued and have moderate joint and muscle pain. So I have a strange collection of syndromes which have yet to be connected. I have been tested for many issues including every thyroid test known to man and every blood test to date as been in the normal ranges. My primary doctor wants to send me to a rhumitologist for a consult and because of the achalasia he mentioned that scleroderma may be a possibility but he was not sure if my other symptoms such as the tachycardia would be caused by scleroderma. He mentioned that since I don't have skin issues and have never noticed something he called Raynaud's phenomenon when I am exposed to cold that maybe something called systemic scleroderma could still be a possibility but I don't think he really knows.  Anyway, because of the area I live in I can't get in to see a rhumitologist for almost 4 months! ( I called everyone within 60 miles and 4 months was the soonest for a new patiant). I has hoping someone may be able to give some advise with my collections of issues  if it sounds like it could be an autoimmune disease, specifically scleroderma even with a lack of skin issues or is my primary doctor way off.  Thank you for any help.
Main Symptoms: Achalasia, POTS, high blood pressure, ostiopinia, joint\muscle pain, low body temp
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