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Daughter with 3 diseases

My daughter, 32 yrs. old has myasthenia gravis, celieac disease, fibromyalgia, and currently going to be tested for MS.  

SHe has had M. Gravis for 7 yrs., celiac for 4 yrs, and just recently fibromyalgia and the possiblilty of MS.  I am at my wits end for her. I feel so bad for her.  Actually the celiac is minor (she is on gluten-free diet).  She is experiencing pain with walking and can't set for a long period of time.  She is on medication for the M.G. and Fibro.  

But with all of the meds....her teeth are rotting.  Just had two pulled yesterday.  She sees a neurologist in Rochester and Rhumatoid dr in Utica, NY.  

Anything you can suggest.....or someplace that she could benefit from for all 3 diseases?  She has two young daughters, and tries to keep her spirits up.  But that is a task!!
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In all likelyhood your daughter has lyme disease.  One doesn't need to be tick bitten to contract it.  I've had it for over 40 years.  About a year ago I got some dental xrays, up around my ears were two masses of infection with tendrils reaching towards my teeth.  Besides the lyme spirochete, there are other spirochetes that play a part in tooth decay.  She only needs one doctor, one familiar with Lyme Disease.
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IT might be a possiblity that all 3 are actually one disease. Neuro should be able to help out a lot. Has she had thryoid and pituitary checked out? Often problems with these can cause multiple problems in the body that seem not related but in related are all related to that. Also if not already to check for MS, brain MRI should be ordered. Good luck to you and your daughter.
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Her MS test (MRI) was negative....thank goodness.  The neuro in Rochester is having her go to a rheumatologist in Albany.  They are calling her w.app't tomorrow.  

She definately has fibromyalgia, celiac, and myasthenia gravis.  She is going to see a new primary Dr. in September who is very good about researching  diseases and dr.'s.  

Anyway, today was a good day.  We didn't add another disease to the list.

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Any possibility your daughter's Vit D level has been checked?  If it is below 30 it can cause many symptoms and if it is 20 or below, she is seriously deficient.  Ask the doc to run a Vit D test and get the number, don't let anyone say the test is "normal".  A level of 30 means she barely has enough to be by.  Shoot for 50 - 80 according to the experts from a coalition of research scientsts from the leading medical institutions such as Harvard, Boston, etc.  If deficient, her calcium is probably low -- the doc must measure ionized calcium not serum, calcium because serum calcium will always appear normal or even elevated.  Look up the symptoms for low calcium.  With Vit D deficiency, our systems will leach calcium from our bones and TEETH to meet the needs of vital organs, depleting them of calcium which results in other consequences such as soft enamel.  Sjogren's (dry mouth) can also cause dental caries.

See Dr. Michael Holick's "Vitamin D and Prevention of Chronic Diseases" on YouTube.  Good luck.
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