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Diet Soda, Anyone ? (Poll)

I've been meaning to do this, but had forgotten about it (imagine that!). I had a friend whose wife had MS symptoms and none of her physicians could diagnose her. It turned out that aspartame, a sweetner that is often added to diet drinks, was responsible for her symptoms ! Aspartame apparently has been banned in Europe in children's products.

Anyhow, so here's my new poll question :

How many people here are drinking DIET sodas ?

http://www.sweetpoison.com/articles/0706/aspartame_symptoms_submit.html --- Aspartame Symptoms Submitted to the FDA

I'm not sure now which diet drinks are still using aspartame, but if you drink diet soda... I would seriously start checking.

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How was it determined that aspartame was responsible for your friend's wife's symptoms?
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He told me that one of his wife co-workers was reading an article about the dangers of aspartame. So his wife had decided to stop drinking diet soda. After a couple of weeks... all of her symptoms had disappeared.
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I heard about aspertame being responsible for MS long ago.  I have also heard that it can cause seizers and this came true in our own family.  My husband began having seizuers right after aspertame came out and we went on a nutra-sweet kick.  We quickly kicked it out of our lives.

But my husband's neice drinks diet cokes like crazy and she has MS.  I've told her that there is a link, but she has continued her trend.  

Obviously, not everyone who consumes aspertame has MS or seizures, but I really think that it affects many other things as well.  I got a cup of koolade and touched it to my lips and my whole body felt weird.  I didn't even swallow any.  

PlatletGal, you don't need to convince me the dangers of aspertame.  I walk a WIDE circle around the stuff.
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The Aspartame Myth is put out by homeopathic doctors.  There are no, zero, zilch, credible studies to show a connection between aspartame and MS.  In fact, rather than believing what a homeopathic doctor tells you about aspartame, please visit the Multiple Sclerosis web sites and you will see that those web sites debunk that myth.  The MS society has never found any connection between aspartame and MS and trust me, they are the ones who want to know, so if there were a connection, you would know about it from them.  I really despise doctors who use unsubstantiated scare tactics to boost their own careers.  If you haven't noticed yet, most homeopathic doctors also sell their own medicines.  Conflict of interest?  I think so.  If you don't have anything, how in the world will they sell you their products?  This is one of the reasons conventional medicine has pharmacies that are not under the control of doctors.  Seriously sit down and ask yourself how many foods or drinks you have tried that made your body feel weird.  I can think of several and most of them actually contain sugar not aspartame.  Cream makes me feel weird and makes everything come out in less than 20 minutes.  Tylenol gives me a funny smell in my nose.  

You will need to convince me of the dangers of aspartame as I have yet to see a credible study to prove to me that it causes all of the symptoms the homeopaths claim.  It has been in use for gee, I think over 30 years now.  Why do we not all have MS?  How many people do you know that also drink products with aspartame but seem to have no problems at all?  I know several who do and do not have a thing wrong with them.  It's easier to blame a substance sometimes for what might actually be genetic.  There are too many people who won't accept that many things are passed down through our DNA.  It doesn't mean you did anything wrong.  It happens and everyone has something going on.  I'm all for facing the facts and getting rid of the lies.  When I see a study that proves this claim to me, I will back down, but for now I will stick to the facts.
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Can you tell me why aspartame is banned in all children's products in Europe, but this isn't the case in the United States ? And can you tell me why New Mexican created a bill to ban aspartame in 2007 ?
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New Mexican = New Mexico
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