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Does anyone have these symptoms?

I have been sick for over 2 1/2 years, it started with a cold, or bronchitis, so we thought.  

Here are the symptoms I have every day:
Difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, my lungs feel like they are being squeezed constantly, coughing, sharp throat pain, spine pain, ears pain and they are always plugged; throbbing, pulsing and stabbing pains throughout whole body, Migraine-constantly for months, previously daily; Headaches constantly, Sizzling at the base of my skull, swooshing across back of head, light headed, dizzy, unsteady, difficulty swallowing, things I eat get stuck, liquid comes back up-if I lay back or tip head down; hoarseness, body aches, left side pain-constant & stabbing, veins on feet pop out, joint pain, shaking, numbness, tingling, Left leg deep internal pain, body turns into a noodle and I slump to the floor, walk into things, constant nausea 24/7, extreme hypersensitivity-(smell, light, & sound), shooting pains & pulsing throughout my body; shiny hands; Blue lips, fingers, & toes; Cold fingers, toes, feet, face & nose; Stinging/burning when I touch my hands, face or feet to warm water; Numbness, tingling, prickly feeling in extremities, stabbing sharp pains & twinges in my chest; shaky & unable to move every morning, can’t get out of bed, or I will fall.
These aren’t all my symptoms, but ones I deal with on a daily basis.  I have had tons of medical testing, with no real answers.  I have only been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a few months ago, but my Rheumatologist said that is not what is causing everything, that is it only a very small portion.  Prior to all of this I was very healthy.  

Any advice?  

Thank you!
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I've had a lot of the same issues from different conditions affecting the nerves. But nerve issues as well as respiratory issues - toxic mould in my case. I joined Toxic Mould Australia and they list the labs you can have done. I found out I have the "dreaded" gene.  An easy online test is called the VCS (Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test) which I tested positive to. The first test is free.
Thank you for these ideas!  I have seen an allergist who says I am allergic to a few things, including mold, but he does not think that I have been exposed to toxic mold, I still think it may be a possibility.
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I just read you have shiny hands. That may be a sign of autoimmune disease called systemic sclerosis (scleroderma). But I would assume you have had a full work up with your rheumatologist ruling this out.
Thanks!  I will check into it!
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