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Dr House ... help please!!!

by shoj1901, Aug 21, 2015

About 6 months ago i was experiencing a flu like symptom that graduated with me having sensitive teeth and canker sores.the next few day i started feeling a crawling sensation at bed time with stings that would wake me up as i will wake up in the morning i would have hives on my chest also at showering time i would come out the shower with a rash from head to toe when taking hot showers also had pain on my upperback with a non stop tingly sensatinon also burning sensation while lying doing mostly at nightime. I decided to go to the dermatologist thinking it was scabies. My dermatologist didnt think it was scabies but i begged him to give me a prescription of permithirin and evermictin i was also given predisone for the inflamation.  

I could only take 3 days of the week treatment of the predisone becaause the side effects. I also did the permithirin and ivermectin. The inflamation rash and and night itching-crawling burning feelking went away (i suppose predisone effect) I decided then to take 1week and a half of from work went to los angeles to stay with family (i live in seattle) while i was in los angeles  that week and a half i had no symptoms . Came back to seattle 3 days later and it all started again. Terrible back pain with tingling sensation. Also started having reaction to enviroments with air condition or ventalation, fans (asthma like symptons) itchy tongue my whole body will itch also develope and eczema on face, elbows, knees. Light headed when near ventalations also and a non stop metallic flavor in mouth. Went to and allergist and did a skin test it came back negative to all common allergens also blood panel test came back fine. I went to see a different doctor at the universiry of washington who told me the same i thinks that is not allergic but neurological.I know started developing hand warts and a rash on my inner thighs that comes and goes and really fatigue and sick im also loosing alot o weight....i need help.. any comments please?  
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MCAS or Mastocytosis, I am not a doctor. But your symptoms scream this? You need a hematologist for this. Good lucky honey, chronic illness *****!

Oh the abbreviation MCAS is mast cell activation syndrome
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