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Elevated D-Dimer with no clots

   I have had 2 episodes of chest pain in the last 6 months, followed by an elevated D-Dimer.  They checked my lungs both times but found no clots.  I recently got out of the hospital, with an exacerbation of COPD, and my D-Dimer was high then too.  I have taken thyroid meds for years for hypothyroidism, but within the six month span I've talked about, I have lost 40 lbs without trying.  I'm 5'9" and now only weigh 121.  I feel like I'm disappearing.  This last time, they happened to catch a one and one half cm nodule on my thyroid.  I have had neck and headaches on that side, but have been attributing it to TMJ which I have had since I was young.  Now I'm not sure.  I have read that high D-Dimers can be related to cancer, and now I'm scared.  The first time my D=Dimer was high, I had no infection....the thought I was having an MI, which I wasn't.  Could this be related to thyroid cancer?  My Mother had her whole thyroid removed for a large goiter, and eventually died of an unrelated cancer.  I guess I'm just looking for answers and am worried.  Any thoughts?
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Hi Holly.
Welcome to the forum.

I don't blame you for feeling this way.
Let's see if I can put some better perspective in all this.

Has your Endo been continuously monitoring your thyroid meds  to adjust them according to your needs in the last few months?
Something has obviously changed recently.
Consider to get checked for low (serum and tissue) potassium as well as high calcium, for this combination may contribute to a type 2 hypothyroid
situation, throwing everything off!
Rebalancing all your minerals will help in many different ways.

Did you have additional tests after the high D-Dimer to confirm or rule out thrombosis?

Have false positive results been ruled out? Such as:
High RA factor, undetected infection (happens more often than not with standard blood tests), inflammation (frequently missed in multi-symptomatic patients),and yes cancer, that you may have check-out by Thermography, a lesser invasive and probably more accurate than other standard screening methods, even if the radiology community does not want to accept that Thermography (therefore not covered by insurance, but is very affordable) is a very efficient cancer screening option and with a  unique advantage. Predictive prognosis.
I know that the medical community does not support this, however,
you may do your own research. Just make sure the research is unbiased and outside the influence of conventional medicine that wants to preserve the status quo.

Also note in high D-Dimer:
Result interpretation for people aged over 50, the 10xAge values in D-dimer may be abnormal:
Van Es J, Mos I, Douma R, Erkens P, Durian M, Nizet T et al. (2012). "The combination of four different clinical decision rules and an age-adjusted D-dimer cut-off increases the number of patients in whom acute pulmonary embolism can safely be excluded."
Journal of the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis
107 (1): 167-71. doi:10.1160/TH11-08-0587. PMID 22072293.

Look into the benefits of an alkaline diet, as Disease normally thrives in an acidic environment.
" Making the terrain inhospitable for disease" by raising your PH levels (more alkaline), is one of the top preventive measures available.

This is only my opinion , even if well researched and unbiased.
Not a substitute for medical advice.

I hope it helps.
Wish you well and please post again.
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