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Elevated Labs; C3, Neutrophils, WBC, H&H, with a history of autoimmune disease

Hi there ~

I was diagnosed with "Limited Scleroderma" November of last year due to a positive ANA and Centromere antibodies.... I have no skin involvement but I do have motility issues, water melon stomach, esophageal stretch, joint pain, tendon inflammation, fatigue, muscle weakness big time - etc....

My confusion  is, for the past 6 months or so - my labs keep coming back wacky. Can you please help?

I have an elevated WBC with elevated Neutrophils, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit and C3 complement.... along with the obvious positive ANA and elevated centromere antibodies.

My doc says many of my symptoms sound "Over-lap" although my RNP is always negative - but I do have MANY RA and Lupus symptoms as well.... especially the extreme stiffness w/o movement in my joints. Rashes, etc,..

I should also note I have something else pretty rare (as IF Scleroderma wasnt enough, right!) It is called an M-Spike monocolonal gammopathy - which is basically a smoldering multiple myeloma. Good times, eh...

My question is: Does anyone else out there have a continued, sometimes albeit, low grade inflammation of their White Cells, Neutrophils and C3??

I read somewhere that elevated WBC (or neutrophil?) and C3 can be a sign of RA which woul dmake sense, but my RF ALWAYS comes back negative.

Any and All feed back is appreciated.,

Thank you!!


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